In and Out

From deep underground
grows the bulb upwards.
Because any bulb
in darkness wishes
in a flower to bloom.

From within the womb
into this world
comes new life.
For children are
a gift of God to us.

Out beyond the abyss
men and women live
and laugh and manifest.
They know and see and help
men and women, like you and me.

A theater of operations
has become, against
a blue screen, this planet
of good and evil,
of night and day.

For here the Maker chose
from within the Womb
to enter
and for an exit
on the Cross to go.

Enjoy the Resurrection!!

2 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. In this world of total chaos it is do beautiful to have friends like you sharing such beautiful thoughts. Let’s all pray together that President Trump and other world leaders bring back love of God and respect for others to our societies.
    Wishing you and your family a beautiful safe and blessed Easter

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