Nisan 17

Yes, there are ten or eleven days into mordern March after the equinox and out of the antique Nisan. Calendar slips and tricks make for a classic in puzzling the frugal thinker.

But let us clear our minds and breathe the fresh air. Nisan 17, slippage considered, into what would its meaning translate for April 17?

Besides, year after year, diligent research to point out the exact date of the Resurrection of Yasu Khrist revealed such intriguing ‘errors’ that could only occur: 1.systematically and 2.knowingly.

Easter comes from Ostara. Ostara is the Saxon version of Astarte. Goddess variants aside, ancient alien stories implied, blatant misunderstandings hoard too many traditions on the point of a single needle. In this one place of Easter, on a calendaristic slippery slope.

Stories that confuse the mind.

If we’re being lied about the meaning of Easter, if calendars slip left and right for various reasons (some natural), if emotions pierce the cortex with every statement, how about the numbers? Do numbers still have any meaning left to them?

Depends. Like with any information: on the emitter, on the carrier, on the receiver.

First Fruits and Nisan 17th
There is a strange connection between New Beginnings and First Fruits and Nisan 17th. Yeshua was resurrected 3 days after his death on Nisan 14th on Nisan 17th on the 8th day. First Fruits and Resurrection Sunday was the greatest of all New Beginnings…

Let us consider the other New Beginnings
• Nisan 17, Noah’s Ark safely rested on Mt. Ararat (Gen 8:4) Note that the seventh month was later designated as the first month at the time of the Exodus (Ex. 12:2).
• Nisan 17, Hebrews entered Egypt (Exo 12:40-41) 430 years before deliverance.
• Nisan 17, Moses led the Israelites through the Parting of the Red Sea (Exo 3:18, 5:3)
• Nisan 17, Israel entered and ate the first fruit of the Promised Land (Joshua 5:10-12)
• Nisan 17, The cleansing of the Temple by Hezekiah (eight hundred years after entering the promised land. (2 Chronicles 29:1-28)
• Nisan 17, Queen Esther saved the Jews from Elimination (Esther 3:12, 5:1)
• Nisan 17, The Resurrection of Messiah

Arrived to the above from a nice twitter thread by Rob Counts – makes sense.

Why is the number 17 [Q] terrifying to the Deep State?
Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Nisan 17

  1. Love the 17 theory makes you feel confident that our President was sent by God to as the saviour of our country. He has worked so hard to clean out the deep state evil. We were hit with the pandemic and are seeing light with his leadership. We can only hope he prevails in November as the sins bnb of the deep state are showing and they are falling one by one. Another four years we can bring back God and respect for country
    Thank you for sharing my good friend and stay safe

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