Is it science?
If settled, can it be?
For knowledge works and moves.
No such thing as settled science.

Unless you’re talking scientism – an ism.
An ideological weapon.
See Rockefeller medicine.

What is Ersatz?
Artificial, Fake or Surrogate?
Why do you need Ersatz?

To replace the real thing, the real deal,
with another Illusion.
Counterfeiting the God-given natural and original.

Who profits from Ersatz?
The Cartels. Always.
A Monopoly (on anything)
is a disease, not a cure,
a problem, not a solution.

Industries, by their own nature, make Ersatz.
The Capital comes from Money Magic, Ancient Babylon.
Rings a Bell?

If this is/was a prison planet,
who, or what, are/were the wardens.
Who, when and how, has set us Free?

Why are we Free?
Because we know the difference.
When you see Ersatz for what it is,
there’s no magic left to the impostors.

For Easton.

Common Sage, Salvia officinalis. Photo by Doris, this morning –


Rockefeller and Carnegie hired Abraham Flexner, an American educator, to write a report, published and given to Congress in 1910, that concluded there were too many doctors and medical schools in the US and that all natural healing modalities which had existed for hundreds of years were unscientific quackery. Flexner’s report called for standardization of medical education, whereby only allopathic AMA medicine institutions would be granted medical school licenses. Congress acted on the conclusions and made them law. (…)

We cannot forget that the pharmaceutical empire of the Rockefellers includes vaccines, sedatives, analgesics, antibiotics, heart drugs, and hypnotics. (…)

In the 1930’s John D. Rockefeller, Jr. campaigned for the prohibition of hemp and cannabis through generous political and Baptist church donations. Hemp could produce ethanol, which competed with petroleum, and cannabis was a competitor with opium and with the Rockefeller-owned member of an opium cartel: Bayer, creators of heroin.

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