Tom Petty

Got mail from Ruddy Adam.

Our Tribute to Tom Petty and His Fabulous Music

Tom Petty deserves our honor for a lifetime of music that we all love. He’s always been one of El’s favorites. She had to bring me over to him by giving me a tape back in the `70s, and I’m glad she did. It’s been well over 40 years of pleasurable listening, and we’re still not tired of his music.

His voice may not make your heart throb, but it is sweet and smooth, and the delivery is up there with the greatest of singer/songwriters. It is a Rock and Roll voice, however. Although he has classical movements in his songs, he didn’t sing classical builds or hold notes out. But he had perfect range for the listening ear, crooning at about middle base to middle tenor with an ease that kept him from stretching his voice to the point that he slipped out-of-tone. He is always solidly in the center of his notes.

Having worked diligently at it, he was an underrated guitarist, perhaps because he was such a demure one. Although he most often had someone play the guitar solos in his songs, they were his. His introductions are mean masterpieces – that you can’t wait to hear. He was an excellent writer who told wonderful stories. His pauses and phrasings are nothing short of exquisite. In fact, we put him in our top five all-time structuralists and lyricists.

Here are a few of the lyrics from the three songs we’ve chosen to accolade him. Notice the parallelism in the structure and phrasing of these when you hear them. You will immediately catch his mastery of the two.

“You Wreck Me” Tom Petty (5:00) Live and Raw!

“The Cabin Down Below” Tom Petty (3:00) Studio Version.

“Runnin’ Down a Dream” Tom Petty (5:20) Live and Raw!

A Floridian, he met Elvis in Ocala when he was 10. This piqued his interest in music. Like many of us, he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, and that rang loudly in his mind what he was going to do: Become a musician and start his own band. Knowing the Rolling Stones came from working class families without any formal musical training, their backgrounds made him believe he could become a Rock and Roll singer. On top of selling 85 million records over his 40-year career under “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,” I suppose having the gig at the Super Bowl XLII Halftime Show in 2008 is proof his belief was correct.

As they have done so many of our greatest musicians, drugs plagued him much of his life, and they finally killed him. Tom Petty went home October 2, 2017, a few days before he would have been with us for 67 years.

Over his 50 years of working at his craft, Tom Petty put out a ton of good music. We can’t think of one song that we don’t enjoy every time we hear it. For that we thank him. Here are the three songs we chose to honor him. I think they show just a bit of the wide range of his musical talent. The first two are not that well known, hidden gems, as it were; the last one is a favorite of all Tom Petty aficionados.

There is an uplifting bonus song at the end of these three. Don’t miss it! It’s a true treasure, loaded as it is with four musical geniuses.


Bonus Song from the “Traveling Wilburys,” Starring Tom Petty’s Vocals.
Out of these four songs, this one shows how sweet and smooth Tom Petty’s
voice truly is.

“End of the Line” Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Bob Dylan (3:25)
Studio Version.

Tom Petty. Faengslet, Horsens, Denmark

Date12 June 2012
SourceOwn work
AuthorИрина Лепнёва

2 thoughts on “Tom Petty

  1. Always loved any song from Tom Petty.
    I sent you mail last week and never heard back. Had not seen posts for some time was just checking to see you and your family were doing well in the pandemic and all the political pressure on our freedoms. Now motorcycle and beach time for me. Hope your family is well and looking forward to you doing your naked gardening in the sunshine
    Sweet hugs👄👄my beautiful friend

    1. Dear Bill, We’re all doing well. Didn’t get any mail from you, checked the spambox too.
      Glad to hear that you’re well. Good that the pandemic charade is over. The war on our minds goes on, it’s a marathon.
      Yes, posing nude again in the garden, when I can. Posting regularly on other sites, as you know.
      All love to you and yours!! Enjoy the bike and the beaches. 🙂 Thank you for writing!!

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