What are they? What are the meanings of the word? What about the hot plasma transfers in the Electric Universe model? — dawned on me while writing this next chapter.

# update as of June 26th 2020

#Mapping Loki

“Now that we’ve dared each other, tell me, Beatrice, what’s next. How do we begin cornering Loki?”

“To shine or not to shine. This the question.”

“You paraphrasing Shakespeare?”

“Rather the daemon that inspired him.”

“Any connection to Loki?”

“Not one. A smart ass, such as Loki, won’t mingle with reptilians.”

“He’s a serpent seed himself. Well, from his father’s side.”

“How about his mother?”

“Freyja, an Enochite woman given to Odin. Enochites despise reptilians enough not to mingle with them.”

“And still Freyja mingled with Lucifer.”

“Flirting, she fell for its charms. However, Lucifer is no reptilian, dear.”

“But a snake nevertheless.”

“The Snake of Old, the Serpent drowning a third of the civilized world down under the abyss.”

“This abyss, that abyss. They used to call it deep space.”

“As if that would bear any meaning.”

“It bears the meaning of abyss.”

“Indeed. Now have a look at the meanings of seraph, or saraph, the Hebrew term for serpent.”

“Quite a bunch of meanings. Seems to me that these go deeper than the abyss.”

“They do, because they have preceded the abyss.”

“How would you describe Lucifer then?”

“What did Astarte tell you?, or what did you discover when scanning her memories?”

“What she spoke was always what she thought. Honest girl. She sprayed her first born, that she named Lucifer. To Enoch, Elijah and Yasu, that spraying appeared like a shadow. It has been the moment of darkness, when absence found a place to turn presence away. A sad moment. Smoke on the water.”


“Still, to its mother, this drainage appeared as lightning, as a bolt of white light that brought carnation to her imagination. Hence she named it Lucifer.”

“The light bringer.”

“A shadow actually.”

“Like this mellow sun you’ve setup above this dry cube.”

“To let Yasu know that we’re doing naughty business down here.”

“Was Astarte as aware as we are?”

“Not by far. How many seraphs are there?”

“If a seraph is a lightning bolt, then who could count them?”

“Could they be conduits for human shaped angels?”

“Possibly. Or they can be human shaped themselves. Lightning-fast moving humans.”

“So Astarte brought nothing new to her world.”

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

“Any sun.”

“Wishing for something, not knowing for what, she equated her pussy fart with a lightning, or a seraph, that she had the chance to notice blitzing around.”

“Not necessarily. She can imagine realities that she never noticed before.”

“Like we do. Premonition.”


“Yet only Yasu, and His appointed architects, can make realities happen.”

“Down to Shakespeare now. A reptilian then shouldn’t be necessarily a seraph.”

“No more than a frog bragging to fly like an eagle.”

“Flesh and hot air.”

“Flesh and vanity.”


“They are those with whom the payment for evil is evil. A daytime banquet of defilement is considered by them a pleasure, and they are filled with defects. When they celebrate in their love feasts, they indulge themselves, Having eyes that are full of adultery and sins that never end, as they seduce souls who are unstable and have a heart that is trained in greed, children of the curse.”

“Not exactly a lightning in the sky.”

“Not even the fake lightning.”

“At least those thunderbolts convey a charge.”

“What was the charge that Lucifer impregnated Freyja with?”

“What a question. Never thought of it in this way. Well, seed?”

“What seeds can the Virus produce?”

“A virus has no seeds. It produces nothing. It sticks, blends and infects.”

“A curse. A virus is a curse.”

“See, those who think that The Ever-Living cursed, like willingly applying a command. He did not. Observing the curse, The Lord informs us about the consequences of touching and mingling with certain entities that are, a way or another, embodiments of the curse.”

“Loving us as His children, He teaches us.”

“The curse runs within itself, ruining whomever or whatever consents to part with it.”

“Like Freyja.”

“Like Freyja. Wait! What was that thing that Lucifer used, as a seed, to fecundate her and thus to father Loki?”

“What is Loki?”


“Who is Loki?”


“Where is Loki?”


“Maggie dear, who is talking to us?”


“Shut up! I’m asking Maggie.”


“Beatrice, think I’ll get a bit scared now.”

“Can you get scared, here in this Eden.”

“The Eden we left above us? Look around.”

“Oh my, we’re down the drain.”

“Down inside the dry cube of mine. What universe would this be?”


“I know it’s yours. As you told me: your cube, your porn.”

“But I didn’t answer to your question, Beatrice. Whose voice are we hearing?”


“Identify yourself!”


“Be more specific.”


“Be who you are.”


“Speaking of the devil…”

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