Yes, little thing?

Why won’t people see each other for what they are?

For what they really are?

For what they really are!

Or for WHO they are indeed?

Ah, for WHO they are. Indeed.

A what is not a who.

How about a who, can it be a what?

First, a who is not an it. But then a he, or a she, yes, they could become a what.

How comes?

Like songbirds.

Don’t understand.

You don’t. That’s why you ask Me.

That’s why You answer me.

Because you are in Me. Within Me.

I am.

You are because I am.

You are Who You Are. The One Who Is. The Ever-Living.

And you are in Me.

But a songbird?

A songbird is a resonant box.

A box?

Birds are boxes. Most of them.

And some?

Some can be persons. They even are.

Some? Not all?

Not all. Some.

What is a resonant box?

Like a resonance chamber. Just mobile.

And flying?

Flying, yes, like in mobile.

And a resonance chamber?

A resonance chamber is an enhancer.

Of what?

Of sound, then of energy.

It amplifies.

Yes, it amplifies the transfer of energy from a resonant source.

Like a vibrating string?

Like a vibrating string.

A songbird sings.

It sings. When singing, it transfers energy to the air.

Energy? How about signal?

The enegy of a signal. There is no energy without a signal, little thing.

Back to people now.

Back to people. They hear the songbirds sing. They follow the box. And…

And so… they arrive in a resonance chamber. Sorry for interrupting, Lord. I couldn’t help myself.

You couldn’t. I like it when you fulfill My words.


No need to ‘aww’ Me, little thing. Keep the course.

Keeping the course, I see that arriving, people remain in their resonance chambers. They stay there.

Fascinated by a songbird, they stop searching, they stop browsing, they just stop.

Stopping there, they fail?, do they?

Stopping is failing to walk.

Or failing to fly.

You learn fast. Don’t stop.

Why do they stop there?

Because they feel safe.

And feeling safe, they construct a paradigm.

Just to make sure they’re trapping themselves for good. Yes. They want to live by a paradigm.

Is that paradigm an it?

Not even. Paradigms are like fantasies.

Like volatile daemons roaming your orgasms.

Well, not Mine, but definitely yours.

Do You know why did I call You today?

Among others?

Among others.

For your readers?

For my readers, yes.

About the Flynn’s family oath.

They crowned it with clarity.

The clarity of Q.

Where we go one we go all.

Where I go One you go all.

We’re all in, within, You.

As I am, in part, in each of you.

2 thoughts on “Songbirds

  1. Beautiful writing gets you thinking about everything in life
    Have a wonderful week my sweet friend

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