Silent no more!

This morning

Half past five, do I wish to feel his morning wood within? Sure, stirs my hormones a bit, helps with starting the day. Stretching my hand, I can feel it hard. Good, fuck me now! He begins by sniffing my pussy hairs, kissing my inner thighs, playing his tongue over my clit. I say something about our new task, come September: yesterday evening, the messages were clear on both their phones; our twins are now students at the university. Law school and Sports training school. It is no more, and no less, than what they wished for. Godspeed! –says hubby. God help us! –say I. There went his morning wood softly inside me, for a couple of minutes.

“Why ain’t it hard anymore?”

“Your flux got low. Did your mind turned the magnet off?”

“Seemingly. Hum, two more students to handle. Just in time after the first two have graduated. Can we keep them in school?”

“Sure. Let’s go downstairs to film some porn.”

“Right, that scene suggested by the nice guy from Pornhub.”

“The art of blowjob. There was a site bearing this name, remember?”

“Years ago, yes. It inspired us quite a lot. Think we’ve always been avid oralists.”

“I’m an analyst too. Don’t forget.”

“How could I.”

After the filming

Moving the sofa by the window, and keeping it there, proves to be an economic decision. All you have to do is lighten the lamp up, when the sun is still below the fence, place a couple of tripods with cameras atop, find a pose in the frame and push the buttons. The soft-hardcore details following on Pornhub and Southern Charms, and my official CougarBunnies site, among others, where we distribute our content.

When downloading the raw recordings to his workstation, hubby tells me that the tiny monitor of his SONY handycam is now officially kaput. And how did you manage to download the files then? –ask I. Finger guessing! –answers he worriedly proud. Well, I can give him that.

Then he tells me about this article, German TV Clones British ‘Porn Panic’ Reality Show ‘Mums Make Porn’ [ ] –good for them, moms can do ethical porn, I can tell you that.

The Debate

“Doris, do you have a minute to sit and discuss the partisan claims advanced by Mr. Gustavo Turner in the aforementioned article?”

“Today, I’ll take that minute. Yes.”

“Not a new topic on XBIZ, the war-on-porn, the ‘we’ vs. ‘them’ approach, the moral turf game.”

“Look, Don, I don’t have time to waste with philosophical approaches. Common sense, in porn, is all about the talent –as they call it in this industry.”

“What an industry, any industry, would have in common with –well– common sense?”

“Hum. Mass production to replicate identical items over and over. People, or robots, performing repetitive moves over and over. Factories flooding the world with more or less useful crap.”

“You said that you won’t waste much time on concepts.”

“Not a concept, dear. A parallel: take the words ‘porn’ or ‘sex’ out of the industrial landscape and watch: everything looks like a blowjob, a handjob, a pounding, ad nauseam.”

“Or like a gangbang?”

“Hitting the nail, the reference to gangbang from that article, that made me take the minute.”

[…], Britain’s sensationalist press had a field day riling up their readers while teasing the show’s premiere. “As part of their research, the participants watched adult films based on violence, female submission and rape,” wrote the Daily Mail. “Sarah Louise, a mother-of-six who works as a beautician in Bolton, was so disturbed by what she watched that she vomited.”

The format relies on embracing as a factual baseline the usual mainstream line about “porn for women,” as if all women who watch porn (even non-queer, middle-class cis women like the “pornomums”) like the same things, and those same things always involve cis het couples, stories, tender caresses and expensive lighting rigs and camera filters.

“As if all women who watch porn would like the same [other] things. This infatuate usage of ‘all’ won’t help the industry much. Why not have a vote? Let’s see how many women who watch porn, and make porn, because I am a mom who makes porn, right?, let’s see how many vote for cis het couples, stories, tenderness, good light and filters? This is what I’d call an adult approach to the adult industry.”

“We’re not exactly strong at filters, dear.”

“We’d make more money if we were, darling. There are two new students upstairs, sleeping and dreaming of yet another five years interval of school.”

“There are scholarships and student jobs.”

“And parents to cover all the bases.”

“Don’t wish to talk about the atelier and related tech stuff. You digress, Doris.”

“Fair enough. Here’s my take, on points.”

  1. The silent majority in porn is made of women. Their voice has to be heard first and foremost. What women want is more important than what a minority of wiseguys decides for them.
  2. Consent. A mature person, a parent, giving her/his consent weighs considerably more than a young person, teen or early twenties, who is not a parent yet. Legally there should be a clause to differentiate between consent and consent. Because inexperienced teens have less responsibility (if any) in giving their consent, as opposed to cougar MILFs.

“Pornishly and legally accurate.”

“Let me finish!”

  1. Censorship is wrong, always has been, always will be. The war-on-porn and the war-against-the-war-on-porn are equally detrimental. Pornhub can show anything to anyone, this is called freedom of expression. Let the criminals come to light, be tracked down and deferred to justice. Let the clinicals show up, be contacted and invited to counseling. Let the young vibrate as they wish, while the right sidebar meme tries to inform them about good and bad, about straight and queer, about sublime and evil.

“These your three points?”

“I can come up with few more if you wish.”

“Let’s stop at these for now. I’ll take them to Pornhub.”

“The most honest major social platform to date.”

“Correct, Doris, Twitter is censoring like hell, Youtube kicked you out, all the other platforms are getting mad at their users, like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Maybe that there isn’t. For them.”

“To Pornhub then?”

“To Pornhub!”

“If children get the impression that gang-bang is a normal sexual practice in which the woman is used and humiliated, it is certainly an extreme problem,” Schmid said.

“This is where the battlefield is: on Pornhub, let’s show them the other side of the coin.”

“The silent majority speaks.”

“And does porn. Silent no more!”

“How about MakeLoveNotPorn?”

“Preaching to the Choir, I’ll contact them too.”

6 thoughts on “Silent no more!

  1. So pretty with the most beautiful natural bush covered love lips so love enjoying sweet orgasms with you
    Hugs 👄👄👄

    1. Thank you, Dear Bill. Happy that you love watching me while I come back from these orgasmic waves. Slowly but firmly.
      Hugs and kisses to you!!


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