Love=the.Making.of -The August Report

Words are important.
Any word projects a reality, because words make things happen.
Ambiguous words, double speak, evasive language, these are traits of liars.

You will know them by their fruits.

Is the lie an end goal?, or just a cover up?
And if a cover up, a cover up for what?

Crimes beg, imperiously, to be covered up. The first murderer used rhetoric in his answers.

Enough with the dark-side-news. You’ll have part of many more, coming from high places, to shatter your 2020 summer, to piece old paradigms apart to dust. Dust to dusts.

And because it is August 2020, and because every second August, in even years, we’re producing an August Report, before this sixth one, let’s run a swift review.

The August Report 2018 – About a 50+ wife’s emancipation, from opening her own PornHUB profile to going back to school.

The August Report 2016 – Nostalgia and separation between past and future, focusing on the present tasks at hand.

August 2014 – Building an adult business as a married couple, facing and dealing with red tape. Testing new waters.

August 2012 – Porn and politics, among others.

August 2010 – The original statements got minced by the impetuous roll of the decade, because what is more important than evading the matrix?, when trapped within.

And in all honesty, back in 2010, did you consider that by now, 2020, we’d be so far and wide out of our former condition, freed from our dreaded overlords, enjoying the summers, the stars and their heavens above?

We could’ve only dream back then, now we may also live the dream, if we so wish.

The original statements? Where?, where?
Here –

See, September 1st 2010. Other sites, other domains, almost like another world.

But words remains,
because words matter,
because words make things happen.

Which takes us back to our current HOT August, here and now, in 2020.

Go type ‘define love’ in google and see what gives. Then consider an example, from ‘The Dictator’ movie, where Sacha Baron Cohen (well, his character) replaced the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with one word: ‘Aladeen’ – his name, so yes / Aladeen and no / Aladeen, what difference would that make?

The devils hide in the details, and in translations.
Take the word love and skip English for ancient Greek. See what gives.

Seven Greek love words.

1st love word: Eros — we perform it in our bedrooms, in our private world, and we make it erotica when we express our performance in writing or photography or filmography. Keeping Eros locked inside this box is a good idea.

2nd love word: Philia — best friends where benefits are best served as words, as platonic exchanges, instead of trading fluids.

3rd love word: Ludus — toying and flirting for fun. Notice that the geeky Greeks did not mingle Ludus with Eros. What a perfect play for PornHUB and MLNP and all this online #realsex #realworld revelation.

4th love word: Storge — unconditional love, family and kin, painful and sublime nevertheless.

5th love word: Philautia — self-love, from the healthy self-esteem to the sick fame-seeking nonsense of the narcissistic psychopaths.

6th love word: Pragma — married couples growing wise and confident, past the point of crafting a pragmatic sense out of their initial, hot and hotter eros.

7th love word: Agápe — universal love, it begins from its very Source, from the Creator Himself, Who is Love.

Look in John 21:15-17 where Yasu asks, twice, Simon Peter, ‘agapas (do you love) Me?’ and where Peter answers: ‘You know I love (philo) You,’ twice, then the third time Yasu asks him ‘phileis (do you love) Me?’

Considering that Yasu talked to Simon Kifa in Aramaic, wondering what distinct words for love they have used in Aramaic.

Besides linguistics, when you meditate, after you’ve prayed, or before, try to tell Yasu that you love Him, in your own pathetic language. Use this practice to clean the dirt of the day away from you. Notice, as the practice goes on, the elevating radiant bliss and nerve stimulation emerging round from your chest, up to your brains, down to your bottom, overwhelmingly wrapping your body within another world.

Because words make things happen.
And The Word makes you.

This afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Love=the.Making.of -The August Report

  1. I believe all should follow you n spouse love n love making it would create a reflection of hope n love we should have for all

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