The Eternal Present

If you’re now reading this, then you are present. Here.
Define infinite.

limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
“the infinite mercy of God”

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A word may conceal and the same word may reveal. According to context.
A word may construct and the same word may ruin. According to intent.
A word may confuse and the same word can clarify. According to understanding.

Ancient Greeks had seven words for love. Read on
so you may understand the difference between love and love, and love.

Limitless is not infinite and infinite is not limitless. Try calculus and discover myriads of infinites inside barrels and pipes, enclosed containers. Like all the infinities of this universe, or the perceived universe, or the commonly accepted universe, or the general idea about what the universe is, or would be. A bubble in an ocean? An ocean in a tank? Infinite, right?

If space has no properties, because a statement is not enough to make a property, and if time is just a guy, then an infinite can comfortably fit inside a cookies jar.

Projecting undefined desires onto space and time, or even at God, does not make them real, or even noteworthy.

God, Being ONE, cannot be infinite, not even wanting to be infinite.
Why? Because what value would a human / fallen term, such as ‘infinite,’ bring to the Absolute, to the Ultimate, to THE ONE?

One and infinite are not the same [numbers], agree?
While one is a number, would you deem [infinite] as a number?
Consider zero an iteration, not a number.

Then what is Eternity? The Presence of THE ONE.
Within The Ever-Living, within The One, there are eternities, limitless instances, for a number of persons.

An eternal present?
Your eternal present?
His eternal Present.

3 thoughts on “The Eternal Present

  1. Love the picture
    Yes we are who we are. So nice to have friends like you who believe God made us who we are so we can have many ideas to help and love each other. We must pray and trust in God together that others see no matter how many words say love let’s love one another for peace in the world..we are who we are together my beautiful friend enjoy your weekend with family

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