WHO is Sick?

I used to go to church, to the orthodox, to the catholic, to the baptist too. Until they imposed forced masks attire. Since I’m not a muslim woman, and because I can’t breathe long through a textile next to my mouth, I stopped going to church.

Who likes to be muzzled? And what a covered mouth means to The Word? Ask Khrist! Call Him back in your mind for a chat. See what He says.

Today, my son went to church. Wearing the mandatory muzzle. They told the kids that Mikulás (or Szent Miklós), so Saint Nicholas, is “sick” and so he “couldn’t come” but “he left a bag.”

Uhm, let us think about this for a moment, or two. Do Saints get sick? Is there sickness around, where Mikulás lives now?, and wherefrom he comes around? Hmm…

Let that sink in, about who’s sick and who’s not.

Get the word, yes!, The Word, out.


Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “WHO is Sick?

  1. I agree with you cannot wear the mask very long either. Gets me evil comments from people. Shut them up when I say anytime you want to step into my boots they run. Two campaigns in Viet Nam on river boats in U.S. Navy then 28 years jumping into burning buildings as a firefighter. Who knows what chemicals my government dumped on me. 28 years wearing a mask breathing manufactured air I need much fresh air now. The Marshal report sums it all up another drug with devastating side effects. Gates has oftened said there are too many people in the world…..Sad he will make a fortune off this and the three smiling crooks will too when they hand us over to the new world order
    Time for us all to pray and stick together against them.I think this travesty of a presidential election is starting to wake people up.

      1. Thank you for introducing me to his teachings. I have been telling my family since Obama was elected they all laugh at me. I envisioned us the colonists having to upside for our freedom against the British rule(Democrat socialists)…..looks like what the lying press is not telling the super leftist dems are bringing about civil war in their own party. I pray that God will destroy their greed. No way do I want a party that supports abortion when do many people that can’t have children would adopt them.
        We as friends and others in our lives need to stand strong what looked like doomsday now looks like a rebirth

        1. As you mention of 1776, this struggle has gone far beyond politics, or party lines, because the establishment -deep state- is more than the dems and rinos, like before it was more than the Brits.
          This is where #Godwins and we stand tall #covfefe

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