Like a beaten wife who returns to the wife beater, hoping for mercy, looking for another try at the illusion of comfort –so are the ones that turn their TV on, every evening, again and again. Sipping the venom in.

Worrying is a sin (such as crafting ugly futures), while pursuing your happiness is more than a hobby. Some hermits say that being happy is obeying a command of God. If so, the ones who worry, whose commands are they following?

3 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. Oh my sweet friend in a short passage you shown how much the rich control our society. I watch local news for bits and pieces of what is happening in the community never will I ever watch national news or late night talk shows they have just become communist fear spreaders….I had a fear of this election but putting that fear aside we are buying a small place in a warm state to go to so my wife and I can be happy together escape the cold winter. It is faith in God he will guide my financial lady to invest in our best interest and that he will always look out for us. So glad to be getting your stories again and discuss them with you
    Hugs my sweet friend have a happy weekend

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