The Seven Diads

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The Seven Diads Moses Used to Teach What Happened in the Ancient Paradise Called, “Eden”

A diad is a pair of closely connected subjects or objects, animate or inanimate.

The Biblical authors often used diads (twos) and triads (threes) to express union, completeness, and ordered structure in the context of a particular passage. Knowing and understanding this fact along with understanding parallelism and figures of speech is a great gift to those who have eyes and ears and want to know and understand the Lord’s Message. For without knowledge of these, it is absolutely impossible to understand His Message past the Milk which is Salvation. Indeed, most believe that Salvation is the end of the Message in the Scriptures. But far be that from being so—as everyone receiving this study surely knows.

We continue here with our goal of plowing into the Meat of the Scriptures and thus past the Milk that is Salvation.

Moses’ Seven Diads to Help Us Understand What Occurred in the Paradise that was Eden

1. Two Trees: The Tree that produces Knowledge which is both good, wrong-thinking, and evil: the Devil. And the Tree that produces Truth, Right-Thinking,  and Eternal Life: Khrist. (The Ever-Living removed this Tree that stood in the world, and brought it back at the Cross—spiritually, so that it can never be offended or taken away again.)

2. Two Hidden Seed-lines: The Adamic race (especially the strain that would begin with Shem and later Yudah and extend to Khrist) and Kain’s offspring, the Kainites, that are mentioned over and over in the Scriptures by this name and many others.

3. Two Sins: Disobeying God by listening to the Devil, and having sex with the Devil.

4. Two Messages: God’s and Satan’s.

5. Two Different Results in What the Messages Produce: One produces death, one life.

6. Two Euphemisms for Sex: The word “touch” in Genesis 3.2., with examples of the euphemism in Genesis 20.6 & Ruth 2.9. And “knew her” in Genesis 4.1, with examples of the euphemism in Genesis 38.26 & I Kings 1.4.

7. Two Brothers, a Set of Twins, Represent the Bad Seed-Line and the Good Seed-Line: Kain & Abel.

The negative always comes first in Scripture; Esau came before Yakob; the Antikhrist comes before the true Khrist. The First Advent was death and suffering; the Second will be Life and Glory; our physical life during this age is suffering and decay—ending in death; our life in the Eternity will be no suffering and no death—ending in an ever-existing suffer-free life in a body that does not decay or die.

Toward Building Our Faith in our Ever-Living Khrist’s Message: Ruddy Adam

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