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Got mail from Ruddy Adam, again disclaimer: this is no medical advice. Here goes the disclaimer: The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. –so you know. Now let’s see what Ruddy Adam wrote in this new email.

Here’s Where We Are in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s and What We Ourselves Can Do to Protect Our Brains from Memory Loss

Let me get started with this statement, and it’s my view of the Medical Cabal’s progress from the last fifteen-years brought about from studying how we can help protect our brains from the ravages of what we used to call, “senility.” That statement is this: Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last twenty-years than they learned over the last 8-thousand years.” Yet as our sometimes slightly cynical neurologist friend says, “And we still don’t know anything about it.” Obviously meaning, we have a long ways to go to learn everything about our miraculously designed brains.

That’s truly the story of what kind of character our brain is. Yet liars and con-artists are out there today telling us that artificial intelligence (AI) is already able to outdo and take the place of the human brain. (Our people are easily fleeceable because of the education system Marxists created for them to go through [a system of dis- and de-education and brainwashing, actually], the Marxist Media (propaganda outlets), and extremely deceitful governments (stacks and stacks of bureaucrats who live by Marx’s Number One Adage: “The ends always justify the means.”)

Indeed, computers can do many things, and they can store tons of data and someone can pull that data up, when humans can’t remember it all. But as you’ll see (and most already know) from just a tad of information regarding brain synapses, not anything on the planet (manmade or natural) can match even tiny parts of the human brain for sophistication and complexity and yes, even speed. Moreover, to further emphasize the human brain’s power, complexity, and sophistication, a computer must be built, and to work at all it must be programmed by a human. On the high-end some can be programmed to adapt and change to new information (that is AI). But the human brain comes into existence and grows naturally. The human brain is already designed and programmed. We ourselves are the only thing that can screw it up! (Other than inheriting genetic deformities from what our ancestors did to hand us down mutated genes.) And we ourselves are the only thing that can protect our brains!

The litany of failures in the search for a cure to Alzheimer’s litter the medical world. The drugs already approved for use in memory problems can do little but slow the demise for a short period. (This is not to mention the negative side-effects they bring about.)

Some of these drugs can help folks focus a little better for a couple of hours a day. Patients still don’t do well at night or after they’re even slightly tired. Obviously, the latter are ones they have Lyin’ Biden on, because they won’t let him out over a couple of hours, and as I mentioned during the campaign our friends who have family inside the Party of Karl Marx informed us that his handlers have him on two drugs to help him function mentally for a few hours a day. They then put him away. (Lyin’ Biden better double down on those drugs. Or we’re going to have Mad Mala in our laps.)

Here is the latest drug, and this one is not yet approved. After ten-years and hundreds of millions, Biogen also has a drug that we’re supposed to get an answer to from the FDA in July. Again, after spending hundreds of millions, three years ago Amgen and Novartis dumped their most viable-looking drug because symptoms worsened during trials. This is very typical.

Now This

•     After 25 days of treatment, patients showed a statistically significant improvement of 4.4 points or 30% (p=0.04) in Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive Subscale 11 (ADAS-Cog11), a frequently used test in clinical trials for AD. (The drug is by Annovis Bio)

That’s 30%, folks! 30 lousy percent, and it makes the news. The stock was up 200% in one day!!! For a 30% improvement! What’s hilarious here, and I hate making fun of this, but you’ve got to get a belly kick from such insanity carried out by people with perhaps a combined 1000-years of education. In this same study that the drug showed 30% improvement, the freaking frocking placebo group also improved by 22%!!! Why, stop the insanity! Please!

That ought to show everyone where we are in respect to drugs “curing Alzheimer’s.” At level zero! Not that I’m not pulling for them to find a cure. I surely am!

As far as what’s causing the disease, the “Amyloid Theory” (also called “Aβ Plaque Theory” or “Neuritic Plaque Theory,” or “Senile Plaque Theory”) seems to go deeper into demise as drug after drug created to confront their creation or to rid them after forming fails to get FDA approval because they’re not helping patients after at least somewhat stunting the creation and/or the cleansing of these plaques.

If Biogen’s top anti-Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab fails to get approval in July, I look for the medical industry to announce they’re going another route. (An overly abundant number of these plaques, plus neurofibrillary tangles, are characteristically found in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Possibly correlating, but not necessarily causal!! They never did the work to prove “causality.” Simply jumped to a conclusion without conclusive evidence. Quite typical in our world. Now, billions of dollars and millions of wasted manhours later, the Theory looks to be a bust out.)

What We Ourselves Can Do to Protect Our Brains from Memory Loss

The Good News Outside the Medical Cabal Regarding How to Help and Protect Our Brains

However, outside the Medical Cabal we have much better news. Studies show that several natural substances provide us with far more help than drugs. I strongly recommend several of them for people 50 and over and especially for those who’ve had senility problems in their family. Indeed, if you’re past 50 and are having the slightest bit of memory problem, you should do what you can to start taking all of these listed below, because memory loss does not get better on its own. If you can’t take them all, at least get started on the first two. Alzheimer’s itself never stops grinding away at your brain; it runs from a slow grind to a top speed of an Indy Winner. You have to beat at it the same way it’s beating at your brain.

Everybody should be taking Green Tea Extract, no matter what age. By so doing, this could head off so many miserable problems it’s impossible to imagine. That’s the kind of work Green Tea carries out in the human body.

Even if simply for prevention, everyone over 50 should be taking the first three supplements listed below. If you do have memory loss and are worried about it and especially if you’ve had it in your family record, I would do what I could to take everything listed below —plus your regular supplements.

You can pick the first nine of these up at Life Extension. The last two come from other outlets, which we have thoroughly checked out, by testing ingredients from several different batches. You are getting what you’re paying for at those places, as you are from LifeX.

Product #: 953 Mega Green Tea Extract (lightly caffeinated) 100 caps.

Product #: 954 Mega Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated) 100 caps.

Note One: As far as I know, Green Tea is the only substance to show that it can bring about neurogenesis (cell reproduction). Green tea not only promotes healthy brain cell growth (in the hippocampus no less!!), but also helps keep arterial inflammation down, is good for the heart, and it aids metabolic production.

Note Two: Although the tea itself is good for you, you would have to drink about 10 cups a day to match what two of LifeX’s extract caps will do for you. Ordinary extract caps, all others we’ve checked, it would take about 20 cups to match up to LifeX’s standardized extract caps.

Note Three: Be sure not to waste your money on extracts from other companies, because no one has come close to “standardizing” their extract like LifeX has. LifeX’s is standardized to 98 percent polyphenols (in the main, 325 mg of the extremely potent EGCG), which are the central ingredients needed to carry out the duties that help our bodies and brains so much.

The Mighty Mag T

Called “Mag T,” and developed by a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers, Magnesium L-Threonate has shown in studies to reverse brain aging by as much as nine years. Yes, indeed, THAT’S NINE YEARS!!! That obviously begs the question: Do We Even Need a Drug for Alzheimer’s!!?? Hello! Anyone out there in Babylon listening?

Product #: 1603 Neuro-Mag L-Threonate 90 caps.  

We’ve known forever that magnesium is not only good for the brain; it’s mandatory for its health, as it is the heart and the rest of the body. Indeed, when I wrote a study on health and natural products back in the early `90s, I said then that magnesium was responsible for over 100 bodily functions. Today, over 25-years later, due to research and studies we know that number has jumped to over 300. We have to conclude that magnesium is by far the body’s most integral and important mineral. Everyone should take plain magnesium along with Mag T. According to your size, you should take up to 2000mg every day, on top of Mag T.

Product #: 1459 Magnesium 500 mg, 100 caps.

However, absorption has always been the problem for the brain when taking magnesium as a supplement, and our diets are often wholly deficient in minerals, such as zinc and magnesium. So then, that information begs the question: How is your brain going to get the magnesium it needs?

The heart seems to take regular magnesium supplements well—but not so the brain! Scientists have, nevertheless, figured out a way to get magnesium supplements to cross the blood-brain barrier with this special form of magnesium, Mag T.

What this form of magnesium does—in the main—that helps our brains so much, is it helps to expand the quantity of and to promote the health of brain synapses, which are the connectors between brain cells and are essential to transmitting signals to individual cells and also to send nervous impulses from one neuron to another. I’m simplifying the process as much as possible, because not only do I not understand the performance of brain synapses—the work they carry out is so extraordinarily intricate and so very complex, to the point that I doubt more than a handful of people in the world understand the details in their actions.

Yet, perhaps the most important function Mag T does is to increase brain synapsis density; scientists have correlated synapsis density with brain shrinkage. The less dense the synapses, the greater the brain shrinkage. The greater the synaptic density, the more efficient the brain’s cognitive processing works.

Studies show that the positive results begin showing up in the brain as soon as six weeks after starting Mag T.  

These details are merely academic. We don’t have to understand them anymore than I’ve written. What we do have to do is respect the fact that our synapses need help once we pass fifty, and Mag T has arrived just in time to do that for us. At age 50, the synapses start to break down and even break apart. We have perhaps 500 trillion of these little devils. Mag T actually rejuvenates them so that they work like young pups going after its mama’s milk. Yum! Yum!

Not a drug, of course, but we can thank the good Lord for the researchers who discovered and created Mag T.

Product #: 2018 Optimized Carnitine 60 caps.

(Amazingly, this is 3 forms of carnitine: the combination of which are good in particular for the brain, and also the mood, heart [endothelial], energy, and sex). Have fun!

Product #: 2101 Memory Protect 60 Caps

Memory Protect supports healthy brain cell function and growth, suppresses enzymes that contribute to cognitive decline, and helps suppress inflammation which combined with the other things it does helps support memory and cognition. (unless you already have some memory loss, you should not take this if you’re taking drugs like Cymbalta or Lexapro for depression)

Product #: 2397 Cognitex® Elite with Pregnenolone 60 tabs

LifeX’s most comprehensive brain health supplement. Sage extract is known to promote healthy levels of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine and other neurochemicals needed for optimal brain function. It also supports mood and cognitive performance. LifeX’s Cognitex® Elite formula uses SIBELIUS™ Sage, “a novel type of sage extract, which has been clinically studied to encourage healthy brain and cognitive function.”

Product #: 1713 Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 60 gels

I’ve put too many studies out on the surpassing value of V3 to the human body to go over them again. Suffice it to say, it’s also very important to and good for the brain. Higher to optimal serum vitamin D3 levels have correlated with better scores on cognitive tests and better “maintenance of cognitive ability in aging individuals” than those with lower levels of D3. (You must have your D3 level checked along with your yearly blood work. I’ve never known anyone to get too much D3, but you must nevertheless keep it check. The optimal LifeX recommends is up to 70.)

Product #: 607 DHEA 25mg 100 sublingual lozenges

Suffice it to say that DHEA is called the youth hormone. “The benefits of DHEA include maintaining youthful levels of the hormone, while also encouraging healthy immune function, cardiovascular health, healthy sexual function,” and overall health. I would say it is particularly beneficial to the brain. The 25mg is the one we usually start with. However, LifeX has an array of DHEA products to choose from at the link below, up to 100mg.

If you do have serious memory loss (and that’s enough memory loss for you to worry about), you should have your DHEA level checked, and if you’re low, you can start with either LifeX’s 50 or 100mg. Their list of DHEA products is at this link. If you’re much over 50, you’re going to be low. So, you can get started even before you have a level check if you’re over 50.

Product #: 1658 Gingko Biloba 120mg 265 caps (Be sure to take both caps at once; the dosage is 240mg at once. Do Not Separate Your Dosage!)

Due to a few badly done studies, this one has been knocked and hammered by the Medical Cabal for over 50-years. Since I first knew there was such a thing as a vitamin supplement the Pro-Drug-Anti-Vitamin Industry has continued to demonize Gingko Biloba. But objective studies continue to show its efficacy. If you’re interested in further study on Gingko, here are six starters that should help you.

J Alzheimers Dis. 2015;43(2):589-603.

Front Aging Neurosci. 2016;8:276.

J Pharm Health Care Sci. 2015;1:14.

J Chromatogr A. 2009;1216(11):2002-32.

CNS Neurosci Ther. 2019;25(2):288-298.

Clin Interv Aging. 2014;9:2065-77.

Product #: 1827 Taurine 1000mg 90 caps

We all take this one. It does too much for you, and it’s too cheap not to take. The amino acid Taurine helps  increase electrical responses in the brain’s nerves, which make the brain work on all cylinders. “It supports a healthy heart and brain, muscle mass and exercise performance.” Taurine has a large “range of health benefits, from promoting cell membrane stability to encouraging healthy nervous system function. Taurine also helps maintain already healthy blood pressure and blood glucose levels, promotes a healthy insulin response, and more.”

Product #: 2419 B12 Elite 60 sublingual lozenges

B12 is also called cobalamin. LifeX’s B12 Elite “gives you 500 mcg each of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin: two neurologically active forms of B12,” making it easier for your body to absorb B12’s array of benefits. Combined, these two protect the most delicate brain cells, help provide proper B12 serum levels, promote healthy dopamine levels, and simply aid the overall health of your brain.

The Last Two Products Are from Other Companies Besides LifeX

From NusaPure

Huperzine A 400mcg 180 Caps (HOOP-ur-zeen)

From Amazon:

Several studies have concluded that Huperzine A (H-A) can “significantly improve cognitive performance in people with Alzheimer’s.” No Matter! Since it became available 16-years ago in supplement form, the Medical Cabal has been attacking it with claims that have never come true and with statements that include such sham phrases as this: “the evidence of Huperzine A’s effectiveness was low.” What kind of scoundrel writes like that? Scam artists, that’s what kind. Lying, deceitful scum slingers! They may as well be saying, “Go Take a Drug, Sucker!”

The attacks have been oddly similar to those made on Co-Q10, DHEA, and other supplements that are not drugs and that continue to show efficacy for humans. The Medical Cabal is interested in one thing and one thing only, in combination: Keeping You Away from Supplements and Having You Depend on DRUGS!

However, like a few other supplements, there are reasons for you not to take it. I don’t think anyone receiving this is taking anything like these drugs, but just in case, let me list them.

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends not taking Huperzine A, if you’re taking a cholinesterase inhibitor, such as donepezil (Aricept), galantamine (Razadyne), or rivastigmine (Exelon). If I were taking drugs with names like that, I would have a long talk with myself.

From Bestvite

Cognizin Citicoline 500mg 60 caps

Through clinical trials at many of the country’s leading medical and scientific institutions, the results have shown Cognizin improves learning ability and memory. What it does in the brain is protect neurons from free radical damage and helps the brain generate electrical impulses.  “Bestvite’s Citicoline is made exclusively with the patented Cognizin brand ingredient, a proprietary blend of the B-vitamin Citicoline that has targeted action towards many vital brain enrichment functions.” DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM ANY OUTLET BUT BESTVITE UNLESS LIFEx STARTS CARRYING IT!

For Our Health and Our Mental Ability to Carry Us to the Parousia: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Fotomannxxx, 9th of May, 2021, in Doris’ garden.

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