Olympus Down

Ruddy Adam writes and I’ll rant below, down under.

The Incredible Electronic and Medical Inventions We Now Have, the Wonderful Things They Will Bring about, and How They Will Help Usher the Fake Savior to Power

Once we humans were able to see at the nano-level and work at that level (using nano-size robots) and we invented laser technology, we have burned the racetrack down throwing out new and incredible inventions. That’s not going to stop!

We’ll start with computer and communication technology, and then we’ll touch on the Biggest Whale of them all: DNA Technology.

First, pay no attention at all to the crazy tales out there about 5G and other technological inventions that are supposed to destroy us, the planet, and will sneak into our every crevice for the purpose of distorting and disturbing our brains, genes, and hormones. There’s not one technological invention that won’t help us in one way or the other. You’ll see below why some are knocking and making up ludicrous and nutty stories about some of the newest inventions.

Second, certainly everything has its degree of negativism. Being addicted to some inventions, such as cell phones, TV, etc., is one huge negative. Yet fixable! But these are harmful not to the point that they will bother those who have Eyes and Ears. We’re not going to let some technology pull us away from our duties as Khrist’s slaves! Take note below.

It is nothing short of wondrous the electronic and medical instrument inventions that we now have and that are coming. Let’s look at 5G.

5G Technology

5G is not a technology that is going to have a sprint affect to the end that microprocessors do. For in a year or two, the newest chip has carried out most of its capabilities—the wide-eyed gab by savvy users then is, “What’s coming next? How fast will this one be?” 5G, on the other hand, is going to have a marathon effect on the entire world, and we won’t see anything overtake it for quite a while. For it’s somewhat like electricity—the end of whose uses have yet to come.

5G is a disruptive technology. It has the potential to do away with a lot of tech companies. We ought not expect them to roll over and let 5G send them where the typewriter is today. The propaganda is now ahead of the major 5G rollout. 5G is the beautiful baby that is knocked by neighboring parents because of its beauty. As the beautiful child grows, the lies and slanders fade quickly away, as they will with 5G when people see the positive effects of it. (Do you remember how many people knocked computers when “desktops became available”? Surely so! You would have thought they were gifts directly from Satan.)

Here are a few things that 5G will do for us, and it’s only one of the truly astonishing inventions out there today.

Less need for inboard storage (think of an inboard boat motor versus an outboard): With extremely fast speeds and low latency (dormancy or downtime), having a large inboard storage in phones and other pieces of hardware won’t be as important, because cloud storage will be extremely quick and accessible. (I myself am not a user or a fan of “cloud storage”; but for some businesses, it’s a wonderful thing. Individuals simply don’t need it, in my view. Ruddy)

Moreover, super-fast cloud access could make inboard storage obsolete for those with a need for storing large amounts of data. (Again, I don’t recommend using the cloud for anything personal! Stick with inboard storage unless you have a huge operation and you’re trying to get it out to as many people as possible. Use the Cloud for things that it doesn’t matter who gets hold of them. For the Cloud is mostly wide-open! Ruddy)

Gaming will also be positively affected by 5G. (I myself am not a gamer; never have been; never will

be. Ruddy) For the hundreds of millions who love computer games, 5G game-streaming will eventually stop the need for updating gaming consoles, because there will be unlimited processing capability at the edge. (Eggheads anticipated that the power of 5G would require a new processing infrastructure. So, they built is a closely as possible to the source that will need it. Thus, “the edge.” Ruddy)

Future generations of driverless cars could use 5G to interact with other cars and even smart roads, to improve safety and traffic flow. (This will be a monster positive for all drivers. But the infrastructure is not yet there. Ruddy) Without the low latencies of 5G, this would be impossible.

5G would allow a constant and extremely fast exchange of information between cars, allowing them to be more aware of their surroundings and make timely decisions. Already, there is Qualcomm’s (QC0M) Snapdragon Automotive 5G Platform, which Intel (INTC) and others have successfully tested. (We don’t plan on using driverless cars, but they could be useful for folks who have gotten unable to drive and don’t have anyone to take them places. Otherwise, I have no idea who would want to use the darn things. But they do have a potential benefit. I don’t want some 30-year-old wisenheimer telling me I have to use one, though! Notice: When I get old and feeble enough, I’ll call you! Otherwise, leave me alone! Ruddy)

5G home internet stands to be a more widely available and cost-effective solution than equipping each house with fiber optic lines. For example, with Qualcomm’s (QCOM) “modem-to-antenna solutions,” carriers can use their 5G antennas to provide homes with internet speeds that rival fiber-optic without the need of cabling every home. (Those stuck in fiber-optics make up one group trying desperately to survive the disruption that is roaring at them by making up craziness, I mean real insane, tales about 5G, to scare folks away from using it. They want it stopped [too late!] or at least delayed as long as possible. Can’t much blame them. They are, however, whistling pass the graveyard, for their graves are already dug. Ruddy)

Looking farther ahead, as “VR headsets and augmented-reality technologies become available, the speed and low latency of 5G will allow these devices to provide users with an instant internet-augmented reality experience.” (Sounds like a lot of gobbledygook, but I think like this to understand what is going on: More Speed and More Space and a Much Better View paints a picture in my little pea brain as to what 5G can do in this area. Speed, Space, View. As far as “augmenting reality,” we don’t need 5G for that. Simply turn on the Marxist News any time of the day, and you’ll get splattered with plenty of “augmented reality.” Ruddy.)

Tech companies will fully open the spectrum of 6Ghz band for unlicensed use later in 2021. Right now, (the best we can find out), there are only two bands working: the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Wi-Fi 6E expands upon these spectrums. This means that there will be a lot more open airwaves that routers can use to broadcast Wi-Fi, which should result in faster and more reliable connections from future devices. (Will that not be a huge help?? Ruddy) The new spectrum quadruples the amount of space available for routers and other devices, which will result in higher bandwidth and less interference between devices. All wonderful things for those who use the Net for pleasure or for work. (It will help me, I can tell you that!! El can’t wait for better and more reliable Wi-Fi service! Ruddy)

Moving On to Other Inventions

I know I use this personal adage all the time, but I can’t find a better one. It never ceases to amaze me how many people have a rigid, closed, tunnel-vision view of the world around them and can’t see how we today have it hundreds of thousands of times better than our very recent ancestors, let us say, from the 1980s and back. And they therefore show no appreciation of this fact.

Something we can all relate to is cars. Compare those from the 1980s to today. Start at the lasting wearability of tires, then the torque in tiny engines that far larger ones used to not have, then the much, much better and more reliable braking ability, then the suspension system which is the overall ride, then the smoothness and near silence of the transmissions, (not to mention the luxury therein), then there is the fact that service demands have easily been cut in half, then there’s the life of the car—miles past 30-years ago.

Out of all of the above, the torque, which is the turning power generated from the crankshaft to engine, astounds me most of all. Torque is what accelerates the car. Relatively tiny engines (six cylinders) can make fairly large cars nearly jump off the ground, something that eight to twelve cylinders could not come close to doing with that much weight a mere 25-years ago. And the new engines do it far more efficiently.

The Medical World

No possible way to cover this entire area, most of it made possible by tool and instrument makers.

The above is not to mention and to go into the utterly amazing inventions that allow surgeons to take cataracts off and send patients home within 30-minutes. (My mother had cataracts taken off in 1979 and had to stay in the hospital two weeks for each eye, eight days of that lying flat on her back and not moving her head. It was a “major operation” back then. That was not only murderously torturous, she had problems with her eyes the rest of her life and had to wear coke-bottle-thick bifocals. Ruddy)

To replace a shoulder (getting much better with these; thank the Good Lord, not that He’s helping, but He is responsible for anything we’re able to do. Ruddy), or a hip or a knee is a breeze nowadays; and they are often stronger and more durable than the real thing. Some of these are done as outpatient nowadays. That’s truly too much to believe.

And how about the instruments that can now cleanse your arteries without having to axe your chest wide open to get to them? Not to mention stents and fusion methods to repair internal problems, such as collapsing arteries (stents) and leaking arteries (fusion). (But we have EDTA!! Ruddy)

Let us recall that the Lord designed us so that we would age and decay. But not nearly as fast as we’re currently aging! Recall, He granted us 120-years! Due to our disobedience regarding His health and marriage guidelines [and rape-mixing], we’re 60% away from fulfilling that grant. Ruddy)

But the above things are mere pikers compared to what’s coming in the area of cell technology.

Cell Technology

The next monster jump in technology will be carried out by genetic sequencing, cell enhancement and replacement, and cloning. Or scientists will invent new ways to replicate and/or reproduce our genes so as to help humans remain young and healthy. (They are actually much farther along in the area of extending life than the folks behind the research are letting on. They have drug companies holding them back, and they have governments who’re deciding that it’s not a great idea to let 7-billion hoi polloi know they can extend their lives by 20-years. It’s coming, though. Within ten-years the rabbit will have jumped from the briar patch. Everybody will know, and everyone will want this service. Ruddy)

Scientists have already successfully cloned new, healthy genes and replaced deformed/mutated heart genes with healthy ones. Other successfully cloned biological materials include cells, entire organisms, tissues, and 25-years ago a sheep named “Dolly.” Dolly, however, did not fare well in life. She could not reproduce, and she aged twice as fast as a real sheep. (There have been numerous debates since her death as to what caused her health problems. No matter to us. Point made as to the progress scientists are making toward extending life through cloning. Nevertheless, Dolly got lung cancer at age six and was euthanized in 2003 at 6 ½-years old. Dolly 25-years ago was the 29th try at cloning a sheep. The others died. Researchers successfully cloned a frog in 1952. Imagine where they are today in this field! Ruddy)

By toying with our genes, outfits like the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) are forging away sequencing and cloning, utilizing three methods of cloning: gene cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning.

Gene cloning produces copies of genes or segments of DNA. Reproductive cloning produces copies of whole animals or other living entities. Therapeutic cloning produces embryonic stem cells for designed for the purpose of creating healthy tissues to replace injured/diseased tissues.

Five years ago, the U.S. Congress banned clinical trials that use gene editing on human embryos. But the more researchers discover how fooling with embryonic genes can help fight disease in humans and animals and can hence extend life, how long do you think that law will be enforced? Indeed, we can’t find anywhere it’s being enforced now.

This is a general rundown on cloning, to give us an idea where it’s going. No matter what’s been done. We ain’t seen nothing, yet. The future is rife with inventions from networks, to instrumentation, to replication, to our cells.

How All This Helps the AntiKhrist and What It Means for Those with Eyes and Ears

That world shows a very positive future coming, just as the Lord told us: Satan comes in during prosperous times, things fall apart, and then he the fake-savior that he is, puts them back together and the world bows to him, giving him his eternal wish: to be god, if only for an instant in all of existence. (Imagine having an ego like that!!! Ruddy) Pretty simple! For those the Lord has provided Eyes and Ears.

Indeed, the whole civilized world bends and bows except for the Lord’s dear and precious Separated-Ones, His Chosen. Let us pray that He counts us worthy to stand in that time, if we are here when it occurs, and if we are His Chosen for that time, because the next Event after that is the Lord’s Blessed Parousia. Come Lord, Come!

Now, to the Scriptures

Notice that Danial 11.21 is a shadow verse, meaning that it is merely a shaded picture of what is coming. The character mentioned in the verse is a Type—an example of the AntiKhrist (AK). We are not to apply every inch of the ancient character when we analyze him and the verse, because he does not have the power or the same assignment as the AK does. We are to apply what the verse says he will do and what his actions will be after he arrives when we analyze him. The shadow must use physical powers to obtain power. The real thing will use its tongue and miraculous acts to obtain power.

Because the AK comes after a “death wound” has been put on the One-World-System that grows out of the people (Rev. 13.3)—he arrives as a miraculous healer. Indeed, the current world-system is no doubt the one the Scriptures tell us grows out of the people.

This is a paraphrase of the Second Sentence (b) in Danial 11.21—a verse that clearly refers to the AK and his parousia.

Danial 11.21b

21b. “He [AK] will arrive unexpectedly—bringing back to the world peace and prosperity—and by speaking smoothly and deceitfully he will ascend to power over the people with their full consent.”

Carefully notice and remember that, quite opposite of what the Kult teaches, the AK comes in bringing peace and prosperity. He will claim responsibility for all the secular good that will pervade the world at that time. The whole civilized world will weakly and subserviently fall at his feet—worshiping him unashamedly.

Take note of these Scriptures. The choice is to bow to a fake savior or to wait on the true Savior. However, recall that the Lord’s Chosen have no choice. They must stand! They shall stand! But they will be the ones praying to be worthy to stand, too. I myself prefer the latter, no matter how good the times here on earth are. And they’re going to get better in the realms of health and wealth and technology, and after AK gets here, for most of the world—they’re going to get tremendously better!

As the Lord has said of our people, when they get fat—they turn from Him. (Deut. 32.1) And we have plenty of precedence for this. They’ve had powerful dynasty after dynasty. For certainly, over and over our people have become rich and powerful; and when they do, they immediately turn from their Savior to the warped, satanic physical world-system that feeds them both propaganda and food.

Matthew 24.43-47

The Lord Answering His Disciples’ Question: When Will Your Parousia Be

43. Now learn the following: that if the master of the house had known in what watch the thief is coming, he would have kept awake and not have allowed his house to be broken into.

(These verses are in the same context as Matthew 24, and I thus intertwine them for this study.)

Mark 13.33:                            Luke 21.36:

Stay alert, keep awake, and pray: (praying that you be counted worthy to escape all these events that are about to take place [when you see the above signs occurring], and to stand confidently in front of the Son born from the Adamic Man.) Mark 13.33: For you do not know when the exact time is.

Warning to Be Prepared

44. Consequently, you should be prepared!  Because in that time of day that you do not think He will come, the Son born from the Adamic Man is coming.

Dependable and Smart Slaves Feed Their Co-Slaves Spiritual-Food

45. Who then is the trustworthy and wise slave, whom his Master has appointed over His staff, to give them spiritual-food at the proper time? 

46. Supremely blessed is that slave whom his Master discovers faithfully performing his duties when He arrives.  

The Good Slaves Are Placed in Charge of All the Lord’s Property

47. I solemnly declare to you that He will appoint that slave over all His possessions.

Indeed, we are slaves belonging to Khrist. We must serve Him, and we have no choice in doing so. We seek His Oil (knowledge). We know we need it, and we work to get it. Through that Oil our Lord Khrist seals us with the Seven Seals, where the knowledge lies that will enable us to know when He will arrive.                                                

I would like to think that I would choose to serve Him—no matter whether He had put me into slavery to Him or not. But I’m sure I would be out chasing the same pot of gold the s-s claim is within reach in their secular, Khrist-hating world-system as the vast majority of our fellow Adamics are doing. But I most likely would be just like they are: lost—yet having no idea that I am lost!

For the truth and for our ability to stand and wait for the right Parousia: Ruddy Adam

My ranting now.

The Shift

Above, Ruddy writes about bargains, tradings and dealings. About mankind playing with new props and prostheses. We are fallen, we are mortal, we age, getting sick we realize, understanding our condition. What a marvel, isn’t it?

Below comes the shift. A paradigm shift that turned the tide from before the end of a Prior Age. Wow, big words. And in the past tense? Already? Yes, because the shift happened few years ago. Like the full disclosure happened two thousand years ago, some of us would still have to catch up with this or that.

The Olympians are dead. Because if they’d still be around, then none of their core secrets would have been so blatantly exposed. If you don’t think, if you don’t believe, if you don’t see or hear, that means just that. Your opinion, your emotions, your understanding are your own — while the facts, the reality, the existence belong to an ineffable truth. Because knowledge is less than truth, where knowing is a process, never complete always redundant, but Truth is a guy, a guy with a beard, The Only One. Some say that zero is not a number, just an iteration, and some say that there is only ONE number, 1, with a Mandelbrot maze in between.

Extensive awareness of the Golden Age, a cronian construct, ushers in the prior/current paradigm of quasi-eternal life, of quasi-abundance, of quasi-perfect health and all that fun and happiness. A new silver screen, err– Golden, with a new show from the same old antenna.

The Olympians were treating us like expandable slaves, like raw assets, like food source, and they are dead now. You don’t mock The Ever-Living.

The Quanta of this Golden Age are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. The Constant of this Fair Epoch is the Christ-consciousness. Exactly the opposite to the dead paradigm. No more props and prosthetics to keep the fallen up. This time [time is a guy too] we’re seeing an awakened consciousness smiling down on electronics and fiber optics and radio waves. Remember that dude wearing his red underwear over his blue pants? No car, no phone, no medication. The man is his own airplane, because he can fly, his own phone, because he can communicate over distances, his own medic, because he consciously can heal. The man is the ultimate creation. He is capable because so was he created, before he failed it. No foreign crystals in the picture. No trans–

However, some kryptonite for any Superman. Achieving the Christ-consciousness is also a process, somehow higher than knowledge, yet clearly lesser than Truth, Who is Christ of Nazareth.

What if the prime directive of this Golden Age is for man to transcend his individual mind, crashing collectivity as a dominant concept, ascending his own condition by connecting to the backstage of percieved reality. Behind the screen.

What if we’re gonna live ten times longer and our mistakes would resonate thousand times deeper?

What if the test of this age is more in trusting than in faith, because awakened souls can sense, like in perception, like in vision, like in touch and more, the backstage of the show, the directors and the Producer. Trust God! Trust His creation.

What a nice field for precursors, ante-christs or anti-christs, to mingle, to subvert, to experience, to interact. Some with investing ingenuity, some with impostoring wickedness. Remember, Truth just hits you, unknowingly. who’s Who?

New paradigm, new zeniths, new challenges.

The Bride

Dying daemons of Olympus crawling to morph into narrow dragons.
Crawling down dimmed dark holes under an emerging nature.

Titans getting curious over the next chance at life.
Restoring humanity, reconnecting cousins, reinventing the comms.

The cheapest whores whoring at random.
The clever women marveling in marriage.

Which is the easiest yoke to carry?
That one, you’ve been told, looks like freedom,
when you place it in perspective.

Chosen? If you get it now, then you’ve already been.
The proof? In the pudding.
Yes, a truism.

Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash

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