Yes, little thing.

Was the apple a parable?

The apple or the apple bite?

The apple and the apple bite.

Do you wish We elevate the metaphor?

Elevating the metaphor to simple speech?

Yes. Shall We?

Lord, please elevate this metaphor for me.

My pleasure happens when We elevate it together.

So I’ll keep asking my stupid questions. Was there an apple in Eden?

At least two apples.

Like the fruits in the apple tree?

No. The apple tree is a metaphor.

Let’s leave it then. Other trees?

Each tree bearing his own fruits.

Like men?

Like a man, a tree is like a man.

A walking tree?

Men are trees with legs, and hands, and heads. They can walk and talk. Yes.

What about their roots?

Roots and branches, mirroring crowns.

Men have crowns?

They do.


Who is greater than man?

You are, Yasu, The Son of man.

Let Me see. I am the Son of man, so I am Man. And David calls Me his Lord. Yet I am David’s son too. How comes?

You asking me?, Lord.

Yes, little thing, Me asking you. How comes?

YOU ARE THE EVER-LIVING. You are The ONE. Nothing is that [is]not within YOU.

Am I alone then?

You have us, your children, many sons and daughters.

This is My body, that is being given for you. This cup the New Covenant in My blood, that is being poured forth for you.

Are we like cells in Your body?

All sorts of crazy cells you are. Take, eat, this is My body. Drink of it—all; for this is My blood, that for many is being poured out — to remission of sins.

Your new contract with us. A rejuvenation?

I can’t get old. Not that I’d wish to. Nor that I’d try.

Was asking about our rejuvenation, in You, like reconnecting.

Good girl. You like to play with words.

Words are weapons.

Indeed they are, but there’s a greater weapon than words.

The Truth?

Truth is The Word. I am the Truth. Our dialogue here is rather about methods and operations.

Ah, about war.

War, yes. We’re talking warfare here. Tell me, what are words to you? little thing.

Sets of instructions?

So you say that words are, to you, like sets of instructions?

I guess so.

What do you instruct with them?

Things and stones, seas and people, currents and daemons, trees and men.

You like reading My mind, don’t you?

It excites me beyond words.

Reading My mind?

Reading in general, and Your mind in particular.

It excites you, you’re saying.

Beyond words, yes.

Describe this to Me.

Can’t speak, can’t write, can’t sing… or maybe I can?

Can you?

How could I know?


Wha– You overwhelm me, my Lord. Pour Your mind, all over me. Yes. Have me. Allow me to swim in the peace of Your mind.

Do you feel My peace? little thing.

Like the fish feels the ocean. I live and breathe and swim in Your peace, Lord.

Are you a fish?

No, I am no fish.

What are you? little thing.

A woman. I am a woman.

Express yourself.


Get out of yourself. Take what you feel with you. Out!

Can I?

You’ve been doing it so many times. Give it another try. Yes. Out!

Oh My, ohhhh Myy— oHH MY— OH, MEIN GOTT –I, I– am coming–gg Out, yes, outt, yes! yes!! yess!!! Love You, Lord. You. Are. Love. and I-am-not. Only You. You-Are. Oh, don’t stop, coming out. Again. — and again. It’s a cycle. Comes and goes. Comes again. Again. Aaand again. …

Seems to Me that you’re enjoying your ekstasis, little thing.

More than I can count and measure and speak about. Yesss, I go beyond words… beyond myself… I go beyond. Within You. I-am-not. You-Are. Only YOU. Come again, Lord.

Okay, the case has been proven. Let Me water down the fires.

You’re switching the buttons, Lord, can feel that too.

Switching or tuning?

More like tuning, according to my calming nerves and aching muscles.

Aching? You hurt? little thing.

No, no—ah, not at all. The pleasure aches my muscles. And I wish back. Up. Take me back! Switch the button– ah, tune it up once more. I crave for Your bliss. Please, Lord.

Let Me park you [back] on this lower level for now, little thing.


What if I keep you up in ekstatis, always?


Sublime and stupid. How would you know that you’re kept up, and out, in ekstasis?

How would I?

Keep My rhetoric coming and don’t mirror it back on Me. Answer My questions!

I would know no better and no worse. Like a fish in the ocean. Idle and ignorant.

Would you be aware of yourself?


Of Me?

Oh yes!

You sure?

Sure, because You are my provider.

Define provider. Or let the fish define the ocean.

Ah? I see. Not so sure.

You need a valley, the shadow. You have to run to Me so you may learn to find Me.

A distance?

Distance, yes.

What about the weapon?

The ultimate weapon you’re asking?

That weapon that You said is greater than words. What is that weapon?

You don’t get it, do you?

The bliss, the climaxes, the waves of orgasm, I get them all, and I beg for more. Take me up, back to ekstasis. Up and Out. I want more. Always!

The methods work like fire.

Fire? Methods? What are You talking about? Lord.

Summarizing your ekstasis. Methods. Like fires.

Fire or fires?

Fire and fires.

Fire Up?

And Out!

Oh, Lord Yasu Khrist, Son of God, have mercy on me.

I do.

Oh, Lord Yasu Khrist, Son of The Ever-Living, have mercy on me.

I Do.

Oh, Lord Yasu Khrist, Son of THE EVER-LIVING, have mercy on me.


That weapon.


Is that me?

You and your sisters.

The ultimate weapon is the woman?

Ultimate is too much to say. But you guessed it right. Woman is a weapon greater than words.

What about the apple?

Any good weapon begins with a booby trap.

A honey pot?

Yes, honey.

So much metaphor.

We need it for the methods.

Don’t understand.

Metaphor, like slang, technical jargon, a descriptive of methods.

What does a honey bee do?

Flying? Scanning? Harvesting? Collecting? Home bringing? Building? Cleaning?


And stinging.

And, yes, stinging too. She’s a weapon.

More like a weapon system. Yes.

What about the apple?

The bee stings.

Yes, Lord, bees have stings.

Only bees?

Err— no, not just bees.

Stings and bites. What else?

Snake bite?

Smart girl. Snakes do bite. Don’t they?

The snake in the garden.

That dragon of eons past, same old in search for new versions.

Wait a minute, Yasu.

Waiting more than a minute, little thing.

You saying that Eve didn’t bite the apple.

Literally or metaphorically? how is your asking?



But someone did.

Some-thing did bite. Yes.

The snake has bitten the apple?

That no-thing did bite. Snakes bite. A sad fact of this apple physics.

What apple-physics You’re talking about?

Torsion physics, pressure mediation, the fallen nature. Snakes biting their own tails.

Too much metaphor already.

They wrote equations to elevate these metaphors.

Elevate them to what?

To methods.

The war. Methods and weapons. I see, I try to, I guess.

Try harder, little thing.

The known universe, like an apple. Is that it?

It is. And then?

Finding this toroidal formation in mostly everything, and in many fruits.

In so many fruits.

Fruits on trees.

Trees are men, no metaphor here.

The apple shape?

Bitten in that apple shape.

Bitten or stung?

Bitten and stung.

Thus we’ve fallen from the garden.

Down the apple core. And Up again.

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