Extreme Spoilers Alert!

“Alright, you killers anonymous, it becomes apparent that summoning Kain is not an option. Therefore, I have asked and been granted already to politely invite Abel, first born of Adam by Eve, second born of Eve by Adam, son of Adam and first martyr of mankind. Abel!, please accept this invitation pronounced here, at the middle of the Richat Structure, Mauritania, West-African France, on September the Sixth, late afternoon, AD 2021.”

A Ginger-David descends in a vertical rainbow, looks around before touching the crystalline structure, advances towards Beatrice, nods and says “I bring Greetings to you,” turns around to face Loki and says “I am sorry for your suffering,” walks to Yvonne and Rebecca introducing himself: “I am Abel and it is my pleasure to meet you.”

“Welcome to our place and time, Abel. How’s your neck doing?” cuts Rebecca to the chase.

“The neck has been healed but the scar, the bite, the prints of the teeth belonging to my fraternal twin brother are there, crimson red lines going deep to be seen by you and you and you. This evidence never fades away because my Healer, our Lord Yasu Khrist, wants it visible. For my neck has been bitten, my jugular severed, my carotid cut, my blood sucked, my heart drained empty, my body buried and my soul stored in Hades until Khrist brought us back together. This is the short story of my life. I am Abel, at your service.”

“I have an idea, Abel, and I dare you to accept it, beforehand.” This crazy cougar keeps looking for trouble. And Abel, likewise.

“I accept.”

“Saturn? Can you hear me? Yes, good. Please come to mommy for a minute. Yes, top of the pit. Right in the middle of the eye, yes, sure. Waiting, kiss, kiss.”

The Pale-David flashes like a hero of the aether. Lands with a bang. “Yes, Mother Rebecca. Here I am.”

“Saturn, meet Abel. Abel, meet Saturn.”

The two Davids shake hands.

“Do the forearm handshake now, please. You’ll see why, boys.”

Forearm handshake done. “Okay, Saturn dear, that was all. I must have interrupted you from something important.”

“Still shielding the Yenisei River, there are lots of pits to figure and patch down that hole. On my way. Blessings to you, Mother Rebecca, and to everyone around. Abel, nice to meet you. Man!” And the ante-christ is gone, the way he appeared a minute before.

“What was that?,” asks Beatrice bit intrigued.

“Abel, be so kind and claim your hammer now,” returns Rebecca an indirect answer.

Excerpt from a new manuscript, in the works: ‘REBECCA, from the RecoRd’ –read the entire manuscript here.

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