New Contract

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The New Contract with Khrist as Our Mediator and Intercessor with the Ever-Living

Folks, this is a unique study. Not that the information in it is new. It is, after all, 2000-years old. But as far as I know, since Paul at least, this is the first time it’s been presented in this manner. By that I mean this study looks at the Scriptures and the races through the eyes of First Century Khristians as they received Them from the Lord’s Couriers, such as Paul. So many teachings today look at the Scriptures through 21st Century eyes. What a mistake!

Paul is the one that the Ever-Living assigned the duty of explaining this New Contract to us, and he is the one chosen to reveal the info-gift that he also explains in this study. And this not one other Courier so much as mentioned it. Only to Paul was it given. And frankly, I’ve never heard it taught.

No, I’ve never heard it taught, but this information, which Paul calls something on the order of “a special knowledge gift,” only he had received from the Lord. Neither Matthew, Mark, John (Yohn), James (Yakob), Luke, Peter (Kephas), nor any of the rest of the Lord’s Couriers had this information to give to the Khristian Assemblies.

Not only that—but this teaching was related to the Believers in the Upper-Levels. Imagine that! Paul here on earth is not only teaching the Khristians here, but also those in the Upper-Levels. That’s pretty astonishing. And it pours even more weight on the importance of the Scriptures, for without Them we are lost in the satanic maze that the secular world lives in and that many parts of Kultic Khristianity are mired in.

I don’t usually tell people how to study, but I urge you all to take your time with this one. Note the Scripture references and get to Them when you can, because They add to the study ever-so-much more.

Be joyous and praise Him every day. His gifts are what count now and forever. Breezy van Beets


How the Ra-cially Pure and the Ra-cially Mixed Stand with God Under the New Contract

Under the Old Contract, the Lord’s people had to be perfectly pure—without any physical flaws and thus perfect in all ways—to approach the Lord.

After the Ever-Living founded the Aaronic priesthood in Exodus 29.1-9 (1500 BK), only the offspring from the seed-line of Shem born from Moses and his brother Aaron’s line could approach Him. At first, among the Yasrealites, only Moses could approach the Lord. (Exodus 24.1)

Not anybody among the other Adamics, those from Ham or Yapheth’s (Japheth) seed-lines, could come close to the Ever-Living. They had no chance for salvation until after the Krucifixion when the Lord descended into the nether-world and proclaimed His Message to them (I Peter 3.19-20)—which, for those who accepted His Message, freed them from the chains that held them in that region in the Upper-Levels and enabled them to come to the Lord  for eternity as His Children.

The Lord spelled out many of the defects and deformities that disallowed men—even in Aaron’s line—from coming to Him.It’s easy to tell from the list that almost all of them were genetic deformities that would have to come about through either ra-ce-mixing, incest, or mating with the Six Day Creation, which was Adamic, but not the same as “this the Adamic man, called Adam,” who was created on the Eighth Day (or Period).

These would be such things as a flat spot in the cartilage between the eyes—at the top of the nose—which would make the nose flat.Any deformities, such as deformed hands, arms, feet, legs, a hunched back, a person shorter than normal, a hair-lip, a complete double eye-fold (the epicanthic eyelid, of which unmixed brown Asians have a full double covering and unmixed black Africans have a slightly less full double covering). Some Adamic males have what is called a heavy fold, but it does not connect to the inside corner of the eye (Donald Trump has this). Also, weak eyesight, and a distorted, crooked, or compressed face, that is, a flat face,would disalloweven a priest from approaching Him. Also, a protruding face with a high hairline (Black) would have disallowed them from even being among the Congregation of the Ever-Living’s people.

These restrictions certainly kept His enemies away from Him—and showed that the Lord requires perfection in His own and for anyone who comes near Him. Sacrificial animals also had to be virginal and perfect without any deformities, and the bread offered to the Ever-Living had to be pure, which meant in those days that it was unleavened. (Exodus 29.1-3)

The entire Tabernacle and the priests were thoroughly cleansed before divine rituals could take place, as shown when Aaron was anointed High Priest over all the Levitical priests and over all Yasreal. (Leviticus 8.1-13)

(The translations are not at all clear, because the early translators were confused, as the Kult is today as to the purpose of these restrictions, but they are scattered about from Exodus through Khronicles. You might check out Leviticus 21 for a few examples.)

Under the New Contract, however, what the Lord would consider physical flaws brought about by race-mixing and incest would not disallow His people from approaching Him. For to approach Him under the New Contract, only our minds must be pure. The only way we can purify our minds is to believe in and trust in Yasu Khrist. When we do that the Ever-Living looks at us through Yasu Khrist (our Savior, our Intercessor [Romans 8.26 & 34; 1 Yohn 2.1], our Mediator, our Conduit to the Ever-Living [Romans 5.1-3])—and because Yasu is perfect, both physically and spiritually, we are perfect both physically and spiritually, in the eyes of the Ever-Living.

As long as we remain in union with Khrist Yasu, He enables us to approach the Ever-Living, to have a relationship with Him, to communicate with Him, to belong to Him as His Own—no matter which Adamic strain we derive from, no matter what our physical flaws are. We are as perfect as Yasu is—again!—in the Ever-Living’s eyes.

There are numerous places this is explained in the New Contract, such as the following.

Below, Paul explains that the Ever-Living has granted him a special knowledge-gift for the purpose of enlightening all Adamics that because of Khrist, they can approach the Ever-Living through Yasu, and they can do so with boldness and confidence.

Paul further explains that this was the Ever-Living’s plan all along and that it had been designed in “His Plan for the Ages.” Paul informs us that he was chosen to reveal to the Divine Assemblies and even to those in the dimension of the Upper-Levels this heretofore secret Plan. No, the great Prophets of Old did not know this! It was given the Lord’s Master Courier, Paul of Tarsus, the one who before becoming the Lord’s most ardent follower murdered Khrist-followers, to teach it to all of us—here on earth and in the Upper-Levels.

Therefore, from allowing only a strictly managed few from Aaron’s line to approach Him, the Lord expanded that entrance—through Khrist—to all Adamic believers.

As an important side note, I want to point out that the Scriptural teaching that Believers can go directly to the Ever-Living through Khrist flies squarely against the later doctrine that popped up about 550 AD and stands today in part of Kultic Khristianity, which claims Believers must go to an earthly intermediary, such as a robed cleric, to approach God—for forgiveness of sins or anything else. The latter is a false teaching that has nothing to do with Khristianity!     It is pagan—at best! Purely satanic—at worst! Definitely Anti-Scriptural!

So again, Paul informs us of this drastic change in the way Believers can communicate with their Creator when he tells us, that from a tightly managed group of priests from one specific part of Shem’s and Yakob’s seed-line who could come near to the Ever-Living without an intermediary—now, through Khrist, as all good things come through Him—the entire Adamic race, which includes all three of Noah’s sons’ offspring (Shem, Ham, and Yapheth), can freely approach the Almighty God and Creator of the Universe for any reason whatever.

This is one of the most important doctrines in Khristianity to understand in regard to what Yasu did for us at the Kross. Hence, although Kultic Khristianity often says that Khrist came to earth to be krucified for our sins—He did for us much more than that. We praise Him every day for that gift, because that’s what it is—a gift!

Because billions of people pray to God every day without thinking of what it took for them to be able to do it—few on this planet appreciate having this freedom to approach the Ever-Living.

Under the New Contract, each and every Believer no matter what part of the Adamic race they derive from has the right to approach the Ever-Living—without any physical restrictions, but only that their minds have been purified by Khrist by means of their trust in Him. Khrist purifies and forgives—He does not convict His Own.

As Yohn so clearly teaches us in 1 Yohn 1.7, where he writes this: 1.7:  “Indeed, if we walk in the Light [by trusting in Him], as He is in the Light, we have union with one another. So then, our trust in the blood sacrificed by His Son—Yasu Khrist—purifies/cleanses us from all sin.”

The word purifies/cleanses is a present tense verb, which means Khrist purifies/cleanses us forever—and He never stops! Our duty is finished! As long as we continue trusting in Him—He continues cleansing/purifying us. It’s that simple. And it’s wonderful beyond what we can ever imagine.

None of the other Divine Couriers—Yakob (James), nor Yohn (John), nor Yuda (Jude), nor Peter (Petros or Kephas)—knew this secret. It was given only to Paul to reveal, and rightly so, because he was the last called, and the last calling has precedence and finality over all others. As Khrist said, “The last shall be first, and the first last.” (Matthew 20.16) Everything stands until the Book that Reveals the Scriptures (Revelation)—and it has final precedence.

This secret “Plan for the Ages” was hidden from all Adamics throughout the prior ages (Ephesians 3.1-7). Remember when reading this Passage that the word translated “gentiles” (and sometimes “heathens”) in most Bibles refers to the Adamics outside Yakob’s (Jacob) line. Yakob’s line made up the House of Yasreal, of which Aaron was the head priest. “Gentiles” refers to their fellow Adamic cousins. The word has nothing to do with any other race than the Adamics who came from either Shem, Ham, or Yapheth’s seed-lines. There are times, however, that the word includes Yasreal, too. But not in this context.

The following Passage gets right to the gist of the matter regarding how we stand with Khrist under the New Contract—whether unmixed or mixed, whether from Shem’s line or Ham’s or Yapheth’s. Notice that Khrist is at the Center of all things—spiritual and physical. Paul emphasizes that without Yasu we are spiritually and physically lost, because without Him we are hopelessly separated from the Ever-Living. Clearly, Khrist is the Link that ties us to Eternity—and to the Ever-Living, Who is, of course, the same God in His Supreme Office.

Paul Revealing God’s “Secret Plan for the Ages” to the Divine Assembly at Ephesus (what is today Western Turkey where there are no Adamics and no Khristians that I know of)

Ephesians 3.8-11

8. To me [Paul]—the very least of all the Separated-Ones—was granted this information-gift for the purpose of proclaiming among the Adamic-races the unfathomable riches in Khrist.

9. Also, it was given to me to enlighten all Adamics about what the Ever-Living’s secret Plan for the Ages is for them. This plan was hidden throughout the previous ages by the Ever-Living, the One Who created all things through Yasu Khrist,

10. for the purpose that He might now reveal, through the Divine Assembly, the Ever-Living’s multifaceted wisdom to the rulers and authorities in the Upper-Levels.

11-12. This previously secret information was formulated according to a Plan for the Ages that the Ever-Living has carried out by means of Khrist Yasu, showing that by means of Him and by our faith in Him we can approach the Ever-Living with boldness and confidence.

I urge everyone not to shirk the above pericope by simply reading it once and moving on. Don’t do it! Read it over and over—allowing each verse to settle on your minds with the gentleness of the information-gift from the Ever-Living that it is. Let it seep into until you know it like you know Yohn 3.16.

For these few verses give us the Lord’s basic plan for the ages—without the slightest fanfare. It’s an ageless information-gift extravaganza wrapped in a few verses where Paul uses very complex parallelism (both Alternation and Introversion) to reveal a Divine Secret to us that even those in the Upper-Levels did not know about.

Think about how long it took Paul to structure and write these verses. Give them and him that respect—that if he put forth such an effort we can put forth at least as much to get them to sink into our minds. And let me tell you, it took me forever to translate them into something we can all easily understand. I’m still sweating and aching from that endeavor—not complaining, but merely thinking how glad that I did it!

In the following two verses, Paul makes it patently clear that All Who have faith in Khrist stand in a state of grace, that is, free of sin and all impurities and are thus perfect—both physically and spiritually—in the eyes of the Creator, because they have access to the Ever-Living through the One Perfect One, the Lord Yasu Khrist, Who came to earth and lived a perfect life and then bought all our sins and impurities by offering Himself on the Kross. Done! Finished! Nothing else required! Khrist is the full and complete Savior!

Our Access to the Ever-Living Through Khrist

Romans 5.1-2:

1.  So then, being justified by faith, we have peace with the

Ever-Livingthrough our Lord Yasu Khrist,

2. through Whom also we have access—by means of faith—into this state of grace in which we now safely stand.

Notice below that Paul emphasizes this teaching is being revealed at a specific time, as pre-planned by Yasu.

Paul Explaining to His Protégé, Timothy, that Khrist is the God and Mediator for All Adamic Believers

I Timothy 2.5-6

5. For there is One God and Mediator between God and Adamic man—the Adamic Khrist Yasu,

6. the One having given Himself for redemption on behalf of all Adamics, this Testimony now being revealed at the appointed time.

It was a One-Time-Event that Yasu—as the Greatest High Priest of all priests ever—entered the Most Separated-Place of All Separated-Places on our behalf, for the forgiveness of our sins, and for our perfection in the eyes of the Ever-Living. Hence, through Khrist we stand in that state of perfection today, for He forever stands before the Ever-Living as our permanent Emissary and as our direct Conduit to Him.

Paul Emphasizing That Khrist is the Only Priest Needed for Divine Communication under the New Contract

Hebrews 8.1-2 & 6

1. Indeed, this is the main point that I Paul am making: We have this *exceptional High Priest Who sits with honor beside the Majestic Throne in the Upper-Levels.

2. He is the *Minister over the sacred Rites in the Sanctuary and over the true *Tabernacle that the Lord built. *Indeed, Adamic man did not build this Tabernacle!

6. But now—because of His actions on the Kross—Yasu has attained a much better Ministry than the priests had under the Old Contract, inasmuch as *He is certainly the Mediator of a far better Contract based on far better promises.

*exceptional High Priest Who sits with honor beside the Majestic Throne (Hebrews 8.1): Khrist sits beside the Majestic Throne until “His enemies are made a footstool for His feet” (Luke 20.42-43; Psalms 110.1; & Hebrews 1.13). This glorious event begins when Satan is cast from his place in the Upper-Levels (Revelation 12.9-10) and culminates at the Lord’s Parousia when “every eye shall see Him” (Revelation 1.7) and “every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to the Ever-Living” (Isaiah 45.23; Philippians 2.10).

The “with honor” phrase is implied in the text, because sitting by the right of someone at the dinner table or elsewhere (and especially a ruler’s throne) was a sign of supreme honor in those days—and still is until this day.

*Minister (Hebrews 8.2): This word is used for someone who serves for the good of the community—in this case, for the faith, for all Adamic Believers. It is Khrist Who has earned the right to enter the most Separated Places of All Separated Places in the Tabernacle and to carry out the work of the Head Priest for the faith. As this Minister, He is Head over all Things, in charge of Every, Single Thing that is Divine. (When reading this, do not forget that every word from the Lord regarding the Upper-Levels and about Himself in that Region is His precious condescending to us by using earthly terms and things so we can relate to a Region that we cannot see or understand in any other way without His condescending to us by using terms that we can see, hear, and feel here on earth.)

*Tabernacle (Hebrews 8.2): The Tabernacle is the dwelling place where the Ever-Living sits and meets with His Priests. It is thus a meeting place between God and Adamic man, and at this time is spiritual, because we can enter it through our minds when we converse with Khrist while still here on earth in the flesh. That is what Paul is telling us. Remember that he was writing to people who understood that God stationed Himself in a Tabernacle that was strictly off limits—physically separated—to all but the High Priests who were born only from Aaron’s seed-line.

The Lord eventually disbanded the priesthood when the s-s took it over and approached Him, as if they had the right to do so. Blasphemy! Through Khrist, the Ever-Living has now called into being a new Priesthood—those He has chosen and made Separated-Ones from before Satan’s attempted overthrow in the prior kosmos (Ephesians 1.3-5), for the Lord knows what is in their minds: that they worship and are loyal to Him and Him alone as their God and Savior; and they will never bow to Satan or his evil system when it is instituted.

Paul to the Highly Respected Believers at Ephesus

Ephesians 1.3-5

3.   Supremely blessed is the Ever-Living and Father of our Lord Yasu Khrist. He is the One Who blessed us by means of Khrist with every spiritual blessing in the Upper-Levels,

4.   just as He chose us for Himself before the destruction of the ordered-universe for us to exist mentally-separated and physically-perfect in His presence, having, in a state of loyalty,

5.  predestinated us for adoption to Himself through Yasu Khrist, according to the benevolent purpose in His Will.

*Indeed, Adamic man did not build this Tabernacle! (Hebrews 8.2): Paul uses an emphatic clause at the end of this verse that is hard to convey in English without using an ambiguous hanging line at the end of the verse. I have therefore made a full sentence out of it to clarify its meaning—because Paul does make it emphatic, informing us that it was important to him that his readers understand this fact: Khrist built this Tabernacle—not mankind!

*He is certainly the Mediator of a far better Contract based on far better promises (Hebrews 8.6): Don’t miss this line! For it ought to uplift a dead person’s mind it’s so beautiful and so perfectly positive.

The New Contract’s View of the Racially Unmixed and the Racially Mixed

There is certainly a difference between racially unmixed and racially mixed Adamics—but not in respect to salvation! Indeed, there will be far more racially mixed believers—than racially unmixedones in the Calling.That is clear.Expect it! Know it!(However, I expect the “Chosen” out of the Calling to be very close to pure—if not absolutely so.)

Luke Informing Us that the More Racially Pure One Is, the More Likely They Will Want the Truth, the More Likely They Will Diligently Search the Scriptures for that Truth

Acts 17.10-11

10.    So during the night the brothers at once sent both Paul and Silas to Berea [in what is today Southwest Greece], and after their arrival they went into the Yudahite synagogue.

11. But these Yudahites were *racially-unmixed—not like those at Thessalonika! So, *they accepted the Message, being in an impassioned state about It—daily examining the Scriptures in order to verify the teachings.

*they accepted the Message, being in an impassioned state about It—daily examining the Scriptures in order to verify the teachings (Acts 17.11): For the most part, the opposite is true of those who are very racially mixed. But there certainly will be racially mixed people in the faith—even more than unmixed ones—as Paul teaches in the following Scriptures.

In Acts above, Luke tells us that the very reason these racially unmixed Yudahites searched the Scriptures and did not hate and persecute those Chosen to convey the Lord’s Message was that they were indeed racially pure, unlike those at Thessalonika, who did certainly reject Khrist and did persecute the Lord’s Couriers. Paul informs us in I Thessalonians that the persecutors there at Thessalonika are the offspring of those who killed the prophets and are the same ones who killed the Lord. (I Thessalonians 2.14-16)

For the most part, I see it that way today. The purer people are, the more they trust the Scriptures; the more they search Them to “verify the teachings.” The more they attempt to prove (not disprove) the Scriptures, the easier it is for them to accept the truth rather than reject it willy-nilly. The more diligently they search the Scriptures, the more faith they build for themselves and others they teach and come in contact with. That results in their being more steadfast in the faith—which in turn builds more faith for themselves and others.

Who Killed Khrist, How They Stand Against All Adamics—and Their Fate

The Divine Courier, Paul, to the Loyal and True Yasrealite Khristians at Thessalonika, Helada [Greece] (53 AD) 

I Thessalonians 2.14-16:

14. For you, brothers, became imitators of theEver-Living’sAssemblies at Yudea, who are in union with Khrist Yasu, because you certainly suffered the same persecutions by your own people, just as they certainly suffered persecutions by the Yudeans. 

15. The Yudeans indeed killed the Lord Yasu and the Prophets—and they brutally persecute us.  God certainly is displeased with them.

16. And being hostile towardall Adamics, so as for their sins to overflow at all times, they try to stop us from telling the rest of the Adamic races that they can be saved. But God’s wrath shall come upon them at the end.

In the above Scriptures, Paul informs us that the Thessalonians’ own people—meaning true Yasrealites and/or other Adamic who were as Luke informs us, racially mixed—were persecuting them and that the “Yudeans” (the s-s) who were persecuting their fellow Khristians back in Yudea were also persecuting the Believers at Thessalonika and that those Yudeans had murdered the Lord and the Prophets (both Old and New Contract Prophets).

In verses 15-16, Paul explains how truly terrible those s-s Yudeans were. And finally, makes us the promise in verse 15 that the Ever-Living’s wrath shall be poured out upon them at the end of this Flesh Age (when the Khilism begins).

Indeed, those persecutors, the s-s, are done away with before Satan, because he is placed in prison for the Khilism, after which he will finish his duty for the Lord as the Great Deceiver, which is his nature to be. So, one last shot at lying and conning won’t be any problem for him. And then, gone for the ageless ages and soon never to be thought of or remembered again. (Rev. 21.4) Praise the Ever-Living!

*racially-unmixed (Acts 17.11): See below under the following verses.

The Divine Courier Paul Writing to the Assembly at Korinth, Helada [Greece]—Informing The Believers There of This Fact: As a Rule, God Has Not Chosen the Philosophic, the Powerful, or the Pure-Bred; On the Contrary, He Has Chosen the Opposite
In the following verses, the letters and numbers show Paul’s exquisite use of parallelism to get his point across. The Greeks were serious students of rhetoric—and it stands to reason he would use a lot of it to write the Khristians at Korinth, Helada (or Helene). This obviously further empowered him with them, as did his knowledge and understanding of Khrist and His Message. Notice too Paul’s use of Triads (three units within a major subject), something he uses throughout Korinthians.

I Korinthians 1.26-31

26. A. Indeed brothers, think about your Divine Calling, that—according to the flesh—there are
(1) not many eminent philosophers in the Calling ,
(2) nor many worldly powerful people in the Calling,
(3) nor many *racially-pure ones in the Calling.
27.(1) a. But on the contrary, the Ever-Living has chosen those b. whom the kosmos[the world-system] believes to be foolish,
c. in order that He can shame the smartest philosophers.
(2) a. And the Ever-Living has chosen those

b. whom the kosmos believes to be weak,
c. in order that He can humiliate the powerful.
28.(3) a. And the Ever-Living has chosen the *racially-mixed and

b. whom the kosmos despises, and those the kosmos believes to be nothing,

c. for the purpose that He can humiliate those who think themselves to be something.
29. B. Therefore, no one can brag in the presence of the Ever-Living.

30.(1) a. Indeed, understand that it is because of Him that you are in union with Khrist Yasu, b. Who has become the Source of Philosophy for us from God, and has also become the Source for our Justification [Innocence in God’s eyes] and Separation [Mental-Isolation from the secular world-system] and Redemption [Restoration with God].
31. c. For the purpose that the Scripture could come to pass that states: Let those who wish to brag, brag only about their union with the Lord! (quoted from Yaremiah 9.22-24)

*racially-pure (Acts 17.11 & I Korinthians 1.26): The translations of this word by the early (and later) translators are a disgrace. The core word, genes, always has to do with race or generation. Generation will not fit this context. It must therefore be race.

The core word genes is used in these two verses as a compound, with eu prefixed to it making the word an adjective. In compound, the eu means excellent, perfect, or in this case pure/unmixed. The compound Greek word eugenes (obviously where we get our English word, eugenics) itself can mean nothing else—but racially-pure/unmixed.

*racially-mixed (I Korinth 1.28): This Greek word agenes translated “racially-mixed” is the antonym to the one in verse 26 translated “ra-cially-unmixed” and the one Luke used in Acts 17.11 also translated “racially-unmixed” to inform us that the Yudahites at Berea were indeed “racially pure/unmixed.” It (agenes) thus has the opposite meaning to racially pure/unmixed—which is racially mixed,” or “racially impure.”

Again, in his Letters to Korinth, Paul is writing to Adamics with Greek heritage, who were mostly Yasrealites whether they realized it or not. If they were not Yasrealites from Shem’s line—they were still Adamics from either Ham or Yapheth’s line. They were steeped in philosophy, and they viewed racial pureness with a high import—and, quite the opposite, had a low regard for racial impurity. Paul puts that concern in its rightful place when it comes to how the racially pure/unmixed and the racially impure/mixed Believers stand in God’s eyes today through Khrist.

Notice that in verse 26 Paul informs us that there won’t be many racially pure/unmixed people in the faith—which in turn means that there will be some.

A lot of people today do not realize it—but this is one of the most fabulous pieces of news within the Khrist-Message, the Lord having expanded salvation to hundreds of millions of people who for thousands of years had no chance of receiving it. They not only could not receive salvation. The Lord would have nothing of their even coming near Him, either mentally through prayer or physically. He would have nothing to do with them, because of their physical and spiritual imperfections—such as their having been products of

race-mixing, rape-mixing, or incest. Or, simply because they were not born from a certain genetic strain in the Adamic race.

But Yasu Khrist will purify all Adamics who want to humble themselves before Him—the Almighty Creator of the Universe—whether they are racially mixed or have other physical defects, by asking Him to accept them as His Children, His Followers, His Believers. By so doing they implicitly admit they are sinners and are in need of His saving grace, that is, the One Who provides that saving grace for us: Yasu Khrist.

The blood Yasu allowed His Own creation to spill at the Kross enabled Him to make a New Contract with His people. The changes are drastic—and each one benefits His people to such an insurmountable degree that I doubt most people will understand how wonderful, how merciful the New Contract is for them until the end of the age when He returns with full power and glory at His Parousia.

While it is extremely valuable for us to be able to recognize how

racially unmixed people are, that is not how we recognize those on our side, on the Lord’s side, those in the faith. We recognize those the Lord has chosen to understand the Seals and to help carry out His Plan in the last days by their fruits, that is, their teachings, their beliefs, their love for the truth about Khrist and the Scriptures, and how steadfast they are in those things and how seriously they take them.

Racial markings merely provide us with a guide—that inform us of the potential folks have to be like the Yudahite paragons at Berea, who immediately accepted the truth and diligently searched the Scriptures verifying the truths that are in Them. Use those markings for that purpose—which will help inform you how to witness to and teach other Adamic Believers. But take them most seriously—and learn them well. If you’re here when AK arrives—you’re going to need them!

For what the New Contract He has granted us and has promised us, we thank and praise Him—no end. May He hasten His Parousia!

For our faith and our race: Breezy van Beets

Note 1: All translations, notes, and comments are by Breezy van Beets. Regarding the translation, all underlined words are emphatic in the original, yet are impossible to express in the receiver language, English, unless they are underlined or noted in some way. 

All titles the translator has placed in to help English readers follow the subject and are not in the original. All italicized words and phrases the translator has added for clarity or because English demands them.

Quite opposite to English, both Helene and Hebrew are economical languages that quite often leave out linking verbs, objects, articles, and personal pronouns, so either notes must be made to the text, or words and phrases must be added in English to convey the proper meaning of the original text and to allow English readers to read the Scriptures in the common English idiom. These are always italicized.

All genitives are fully translated according to a strict formula created by the translator and one of his favorite linguistic tutors. This is done firstly, because there is no “of” relationship in either Hebrew or Helene—and it is the translator’s belief that “of” should not be used to bring a genitive into English except in rare cases.

Secondly, because Khristians reading their Bible ought not have to deal with the ambiguity brought about by using “of” where it is not indicated in the original, all genitives are fully translated. Words used to fully translate genitives are not italicized.

The text used for all New Testament Passages is the Second Edition of the Majority Text, edited by Hodges and Farstad. (1985)

The Text for all Old Testament Translations is the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, a reproduction of the St. Petersburg Codex B19a, which I consider the oldest and one of the best Hebrew texts.

Note 2: Anything at all worthwhile in this study (or any others), I must give Yasu complete credit. And I mean this in many ways—some I may not completely understand. But nevertheless, that’s all I will say on that subject, other than it is He Who gives us our bread! This we thank Him no-end for!

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