Hebrews 12. 1-11

Paul Explaining the Hard Times in This Life, Their Purpose, and The Results for the Separated-Ones

(Got a new mail today from Ruddy Adam.)

What’s going on in this ugly kosmos that is clearly in rebellion against the Ever-Living, falls right into the category of what Paul is explaining to us in the following vv., and certainly answers much. When taken in the proper light, these are some of the more enlightening vv. in the New Contract.

In Hebrews 12.1-11, Paul is drawing from Hebrews Chapter 11 and the Old Contract, after having informed us how the ancients suffered for their faith. For what we’re going through today is not new. It started the instant Satan seduced Adam and Hawah (Eve) which brought physical death and rebellion against our God into this age.

The Lord immediately punished them (and their posterity) by removing the Tree That Preserves Life from Paradise (that is, He removed Himself from Eden; that Tree returns permanently when we are back in Paradise, in the eternity). He obliterated Paradise and changed the planet into one that is filled with every imaginable disaster and enemy. He then put a fierce strain of hatred for us into Kain and sicced him (and his offspring) onto Adam’s heritage.

That hatred manifested itself quickly when Kain murdered Abel. God told Adam and Hawah that from there out everywhere Adam-ics turn they would thrash into nothing but thistles and thorns, that is, the vagaries that He Himself designed into this age. This was not a mild punishment!

But the good news is that our God does not punish us for the sake of punishing us. He’s not mad at us. He’s super loyal to us. He has reasons for letting a stubborn, stiff-necked, rebellious people suffer.

We do indeed suffer these things, these floggings (mental and physical), these plagues every day of our lives. Paul perfectly explains why we must go through these things. Good and bad, right-thinking and atheistic, all of the Lord’s people share in the chastening He’s putting us through.

Paul begins by concluding from the prior vv., which ought to be read if you don’t recall them. Notice at the end, you will find Paul’s most lovely positive conclusion. Love it!

Note: I have placed a few comments in brackets []. Anytime you see words separated with a forward slash (/), they have more than one meaning that is appropriate for the v. they’re in, and I believe both words (or more) will help clarify/explain the v.

Paul Explaining Why We Must Suffer for Our Faith

Hebrews 12.1-11:

1.   So then—we—certainly having a massive number of spectators/witnesses surrounding us, after stripping off every bulky garment and also the rebellion against the Ever-Living that so easily hinders us, and fixing our eyes toward Yasu, the Founder and Finisher of the Faith,

2.Who, in exchange for the delight that had been set before Him, endured the Kross, disregarding its shame, and so, sits by right upon the Ever-Living’s Throne—we should certainly run with patient endurance the ra-ce that has been set before us. [Take your punishment! Stay ready and prepared to do your duty in the Last Days of This Age!]

3. For consider the One Who has endured such rebellion toward Himself by the rebels for the purpose that you do not become discouraged, giving out within yourselves. [Khrist is your main example! He has suffered constant rebellion against Himself by those He is loyal to. Yet, He remains steadfast!]

4. You have not yet resisted to the point of blood—while wrestling against rebellion toward Khrist. [We are still breathing and have not yet been persecuted to death, as Khrist was.]

5. And you have completely forgotten the encouragement from Proverbs 3.11-12 which He uses to reason with you as He would with sons:

6.   “My son, do not take the Lord’s correction lightly, nor give out while being punished by Him. For whom the Lord loves He corrects! And He flogs every son He accepts as His Own.”

[The point to remember here: God Never Corrects His Enemies. He Uses Them to Correct Us. Our Enemies Have No Future—Past the Flesh. What Does He Care about Them? They Will Never Be His. He has Disowned Them. They Go Down at Death and Never Rise. We Are Figuratively “Flogged” Every Day.]

7.Endure the punishment He’s meting out to you for the purpose of being corrected. The Ever-Livingis acting toward you as He would with sons. For what type of son is it that a father does not correct? 

[Hardly a day goes by that I don’t speak with someone about brats who’ve never been corrected—what a horrible disaster they are to themselves, their families, and the world. We humans have ruined them. God will not ruin His children. Nor will He shirk His responsibility to them.]

8.But if you are without correction—of which all have become sharers!—then you are illegitimate and are not His sons.
[Through Khrist we are God’s. He Owns Us. We Are His Offspring. And He is Loyal to Save Us, to Do What Is Best for Us, to Guide Us into the Eternity. For we have proven over and over that we are not able to properly guide ourselves.]

9. Additionally, we certainly had our natural fathers as correctors, and we respected them. Shall we not much more subject ourselves to our Spiritual Father! Then—we shall live!

10. For our natural fathers indeed corrected us for a short time in the manner that seemed best to them, but He corrects us for our benefit for the purpose that we can share in His separateness.

[God is the Ultimate Separated-One. His entire nature is separated from everything we consider wrong and evil. Nothing can touch His Separated-Spirit, to cause Him to deviate from what is right and good. We share in that separateness, little by little, until in the eternity when we shall be as perfectly separated as He is.]

11. But all correction, certainly at the present time, does not seem to be delightful, but on the contrary, it seems horrible/painful. But later on, it yields fruit that brings about right-thinking toward the Lord for those who have been trained by that correction.

[The Lord’s training, as Paul says, might seem a tad harsh. But the fruit it bears is far more valuable than a little suffering in the flesh—and is thus very much worth the horrors and pains we often see it as.]

Toward Building the Faith and Hope of the Separated-Ones: Ruddy Adam

Note: The s-s attacks against the Scriptures have been taking place since Moses began recording them. The apex I suppose was in the 19th Century, and (something that is obvious to me, at least) those particular attacks were in preparation for the final generation and the 7000 who exist at that time, and whom the Devil seeks to destroy out of all Adam-ics.

He hates all Ada-mics because he knows Khrist is loyal to us. But he knows he must whack out the 7000 to have a chance to stop the Lord’s plan, which includes his complete destruction. So, he goes after all Adam-ics, much like his offspring Herod did, in an attempt to kill Yasu.

The False-Savior can’t stop anything, of course, because the Lord has long ago slapped him down, to the point that he is not even a hindrance to Him. Satanis is in part our whip, with which we are flogged. His offspring, the s-s, are also our whip, in part.

Nature itself does the rest. Keep the thistles and thorns in mind, because that figurative term informs us that the planet itself stands against us, to punish us. Just start with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which reads in part: “All Natural Things Are in a Constant State of Decay.” That includes us!

Remember, Satan is an arrogant fool. Very, very dangerous—yes! Very, very powerful—indeed! Far more devious than any human being can imagine being. But extremely egotistical—and foolish! He is very materialistic. He has no understanding of the spiritual union we have with the Ever-Living through Yasu Khrist. He simply gouges in the dark, and thrashes around in the mud to no avail, except to carry out the Lord’s plan to allow this moron to punish His children for Him. God would not stoop to such lows Himself.

It is a fact that the Ever-Living believes strongly in delegating! Never fear! He also has the beast restricted to what it can do. Those reins are quite tight, too! “Touch not My Chosen!” (This will come into effect as soon as the AK arrives. He can send con-artists to us—and certainly will! But he can’t harm us physically!)

Yob 1.12 & 2.6 are our example as to how God uses the Devil. Satan could punish Yob, but he could not kill him. Notice how in 1.19 that the Accuser is able to use the weather to go after Yob. (This power he will have in the last days.) In v. 1.21, Yob still worships the Lord’s Name. He remained steadfast—and did not relent!

After torturing Yob with blistering boils, Yob 2.10 says that Yob did not “rebel against God with his lips.” This is our duty in the last days! We take what we get, and we never rebel against the One Who is Ultra-Super Loyal to us!

God gave Satan further power over Yob, but he refused to bow the knee and turn on God. Notice too, who helped in tempting Yob to turn on God: his mate! Get ready for that after the AK arrives! You must face this now: If you’re mate does not have eyes and ears, has no care for the Seals, he/she will receive the force that causes delusion and will worship the Slanderer. And will constantly be at you to do the same!

The Avenger then punished Yob by sending three con-artists to him to deceive him, get him mixed up, and then to turn on the Ever-Living. Yob did not bow. But he got into yammering conversations with them. Then, actually tried to yammer with the Creator. God shut him up! And asked him a slew of questions to embarrass him, shame him, and get him to realize what he was doing, by talking to con-artists who were not on his side. (This excludes Alihu [Elihu].)

Yes, the s-s strongly attacked the Book of Hebre-ws, and in Chapter 12, they claimed that it was not written by the same author as the rest of the Book and that Paul was not the author of Hebrews. Let me promise you this: Nobody else writes like this except Paul. And as far as Chapter 12 goes, anyone who reads the first two vv. of Chapter 12 and claims that the same author who calls himself Paul did not write them is a liar and an idiot.

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