Deceptive 4

Just got a new mail from Ruddy Adam. Interesting how the 4th Seal fractals down to the missing 4 in the Fibonacci sequence. What if four is an asymptotic curvature never reaching while ever trying, like in the illusion of ‘time’ or the way Ruddy points to it as ‘The absence of Truth.’ Enjoy!

Question Regarding Matthew 10 and Luke 10

From Sarah and Brad: An excellent question regarding how much of Mat. 10 & Luk. 10 will have to be spiritualized, seeing as how the first time it was physical. Remember in Matthew 24, the earthquakes are disruptions among the Kult, not real earthquakes. The famine is for the truth and is a huge part of the 4th Seal that brings about pestilences (lies and bad doctrines) which bring about death, in a figurative sense.

So, the answer is, Not that much. Because the things the Lord said would happen to Those He sent out to proclaim the Kingdom to the Lost Tribes in those days did not occur. So, the prophecies are in abeyance until the last days when AK is here, because that is when we’ll be proclaiming the “Kingdom is nigh at hand” again. And this time it will be right at the threshold.

If the first prophecy or event actually occurs, then the second time it’s spiritual (or figurative). If it did not occur, then it’s physical and actually going to occur the second time. For example, the Lord’s Parousia did not take place. This time it will. The AK did not come; this time he will.

We are currently in the Fourth Seal—as we’ve been since the Divine Couriers were finished with their work.

       Seal IV  The Absence of Truth  

Revelation 6.7-8:   The Opening of Seal IV

7.          And when the Lamb opened the Fourth Seal, I heard a voice come

       from the fourth Living-Being declaring, “Come and look!” 

8.    And observe, a Pale Horse, and the name of the one sitting upon him is Death, and Hades was accompanying him.  And authority over one quarter of the earth was given to them, and by using the beasts living upon the earth to kill by means of sword and famine and pestilence which brings death. 

The beasts are always the Kainites, the snakes, the serpents, the tares, the Khrist-haters whom Yasu uses to correct His people. We must spiritualize the words kill, famine, and pestilence, and the type of death they bring about—a spiritual dearth which brings a death of the spirit.

This is not a death where the spirit is truly killed. Because there is no truth in the civilized world, either religious, scientific, philosophical, political, etc., our people’s spirits are like a parasitic psychopath’s conscience—it has no feeling; it is dysfunctional. As true Yasreal is to who they are, they are insensitive to anything other than falsehoods.

Isaiah 5.13:    Lack of Knowledge Causes Enslavement

13.  Therefore, my people are going into captivity because they have no knowledge, and their glorious leaders are stricken with famine [a famine for the truth; for knowledge], and their masses are parched with thirst.

14. Therefore, the dung heap has enlarged its appetite, and opened

       its mouth without limitation.  And her splendor and her masses

       and she roar; he who exults with her shall descend with her.

15. So Adamic man is bent down, and Adamic man is humiliated, and

       the eyes of the proud are lowered. 

Matthew 24.7:    Seal IV as Taught in Matthew 24       

7.    And there will be famines, and pestilences, and disruptions the world over.

8.    But all these events are only a beginning which brings about birth pangs.

These are not literal. Women will not be having real birth pangs! There won’t be anybody starving. Everybody’s going to be fat and sassy. AK comes in peacefully and prosperously. Yet, our people will be starving spiritually and won’t even know it.

We’ll being going over everything in Mat. 10 and Luk. 10 (and other like Scriptures) that will be relative to us during AK’s little heyday here on this beautiful planet that the Ever-Living so loves. We’ll then separate the spiritual from the physical.

Ruddy Adam

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