Doris, Her Story

Every Woman Has a Story, Here’s Mine, in Short

Why Do I Pose Nude?

October, 2010.

If someone would only have told me that, after 24 years of marriage, I’ll be doing this kind of site, I had blushed and denied in all vehemence. Prudishness did not allow me to talk in public about sex and even less about pornography. But that was then, decades ago. Now is now: I can talk about sex and I can pose nude.

But is there something new, or special, that my site wants to bring to the porn scene? For some time, I began asking myself: what am I doing with my life?, what makes me special?, what puts me apart?, do I have to step out or not?

MONEY, what else?, pushed me to make this step. Is it a desperate solution? So it seems to go with me and many other women, I guess, when playing around isn’t just enough anymore.


A Naked Statement of Expression

March, 2012

However, the idea of pure pornography is repugnant to me. By “pure” I understand “mainstream” or “impure,” or the kind of fake sexual acts between people who barely know each other and have to perform in the most intimate instances, more for the sake of money and less for the love of the art. As you may notice, money is the main engine, not just in pornography!

To date (2012-08), I made no money out of my nude pictures. It was more like a playground for my self-confidence, like testing the waters if you wish. But — as it seems — I intend to finally post my pics on a pay site — on MY site. Which brings me inside a certain socially “despised” category. This thought wrecks my sleep and haunts my dreams. Nonetheless, when posing naked, I remain natural and truthful to myself. I don’t want to look like a fake, I abhor pedantry and pretense. If the camera caught me scared, or shy, or horny, so be it. That was my “position” at the given moment — not just a physical position caught in pixels, but a mental one as well, a statement of expression.


Pornography and Politics

There’s so much legalese associated with opening an adult site, oh my, oh my. For very good reasons, we have to protect our kids from what is not meant for them to see and hear. Their minds need to remain pristine and untainted for as long as possible — at least beyond the age of adulthood. Alas, the system steadily drips its own socially accepted psychological packages that parcel out the young generations into this or that voter camp, into Apple or Android buyers, etc. Politics and economics. Money again! I find this is yet another compulsive perversion, besides porn, don’t you?

Erotica and nude arts, and even the more barbaric mainstream pornography, if compared to politics, seem to be at least less dishonest. And if I sit a bit more to think, I guess that making porn cannot be much worse than engaging in politics — at least in porn you show what you have and not what you don’t have but plan to grab from others.

But let’s go back to our sheep.


Loving Couples and Key Communication

There are many people who cannot speak openly about their sexual fantasies and frustrations. I used to be one of them. Not anymore!

There are many people accepting to take part in a convenience marriage. Complacent partners that estrange from each other, year after year, gradually becoming just room mates or cotenants.

What if married people ditch the prudish barriers and take the sexual problem in their own hands without feeling guilty about that. Next step is to take the courage and openly SPEAK with your room-mate (or cotenant) about what your soul needs in order to chase solitude away.

Communication is key and addressing my husband’s sexual desires is what I have at the top of my wishlist. Yes, it wasn’t always there because the mothering instinct is stronger than anything else in a woman, but — as kids grow — you will mature and understand that you married your man, not your kids. They will leave you but he won’t — if you treat him well. Eventually you’ll get accustomed and even surprised to see how much pleasure he can offer you back, in exchange for little gestures of no real significance to you. For instance, consider walking naked around the house and garden. Make sure that kids are away and the gate is locked, you don’t want to traumatize anyone but your hubby and the neighbors, maybe.


Forgive, Reconcile and Start Over

Happiness comes from your Hubby, or Partner for that matter. Regardless of what he did to you in the past. Unconditional love applies best in marriage, on your life sex partner, no?

Mine has asked me to show off my pussy on the web. And here I am, spreading my legs wide open while posing for him in my birthday suit. He loves staring at my naked body, actually at any woman’s naked body. “This is a compliment, dear.” He tells me while admiring some stranger — on the street or on the screen.

Being the object of manly delight is part of our femininity: to be admired by men for our shapes and curves. It’s nature. And don’t tell me that you don’t feel good when the eyes of a Gentleman wash your body in all unspoken silence.

But then, what can I offer besides smiling and spreading naked?

Before dedicating my life entirely to housewifing and mothering, there was a decade long interval when I practiced as a lawyer. Experience, not statistics, taught me that most divorces begin with a small sexual frustration. And in most of the cases, the wife won’t indulge with her hubby in some sort of rather mild and harmless fantasy. It looks like a “nothing” and it actually IS a “nothing.” So people break up for NOTHING, for being stubborn and not giving in to more sex. It’s appalling.

What did I do with this type of clients? It may sound surprising, but I put their interests above mine and did my best to reconcile them. I wished I had no case at all rather than bitter separated clients.

Interestingly enough, even if not having them divorced, they showed back their gratitude, so it wasn’t much of a loss. But those are gone times, long dusted in the late forsaken century. Oh my, am I so old?

“Who says you’re old, bunny? Look at you!”

August, 2012

Playing with YOUR Dreams

Indeed, hubby is right. I am young. I am open, naked and ready to play in your daydreams and fantasies. I’d be even more pleased if you could bring your loving wife or partner in these wet fantasies.

Have her join and stay with you because — you know what? — SHE IS THE REAL WOMAN in your life!

Me? I’m just your virtual friend and confident, a case study if you wish, a silhouette in some pictures on your screen. Trust me with your most intimate secrets. Fantasize about me if that makes you feel good.

But after you cooled down, don’t forget to give her a kiss on the brow, to caress her hip, to embrace her waist and tell her how much you love her. She will get along, sooner or later. THE SECRET for you is to ALWAYS be most attentive and generous and kind beyond words with her.


Bring YOUR Woman With

She craves for your affection even if she won’t indicate it, for some bitter haunting imaginary phantoms, perhaps. But eventually you can win her back for you, have her hand wank this hard cock of yours while you lay on your back, relaxed, watching my nudes, or whatever your kink would be at that moment.

What really counts is to have her join your “porn habits.” This is an excellent way to build confidence with your partner, to help her understand how straight forward the man psyche works (its simple fix often fits in a set of nude pictures). As for fixing our female psyche?, that’s complicated!, five Libraries of Congress won’t suffice to describe the whole procedure.

For your simple fix, I give you my naked pictures, my kind replies to your questions and my promise that there’s always a way to work out your relationship. The worse case scenario is changing the partner. But hold on, it’s still a long way to the smoking burned bridges left behind and many good things can happen in your journey. See? I know how to listen, I was trained to do that.

After you masturbated at my pictures, imagine that we lay down together, on the fine sand of a beach (that makes his way to itch our asses, the sand, I mean), and you start speaking out whatever you want, telling me about your wishes, about the REAL WOMAN that you love. Maybe that you wish she poses for you the way I do for my loved one. It’s no big deal for your imagination to switch roles: my virtual one with your real woman next to you. Thus I dare you to bring her in this game, with time she may love it more than you can (yes) imagine!

Learn how to anticipate her worries. Guess what she thinks and tell her before she has the chance of speaking to you — remember Mel Gibson in “What Women Want?” That’s the point! Oh yes, NEVER EVER lie to her. Not about your very normal “porn habits” nor about anything else. She will know that’s a lie from the moment you’ve opened your mouth. So why not tell her what she thinks, or what she thinks she wants to think, whatever… Important is for her to see YOU in control, in the most gentle and caring way for her. She needs to see YOU as a Protector and a Provider.

Guess and anticipate her thoughts and her moves. Court her every morning and conquer her every evening. Show your unique love for her as well as your natural, instinctive (but also platonic), love and admiration for all women out there.


Love, Clients and Friends

You may be a single or a married man. You may be here out of curiosity or out of necessity. In the former case, take your time and enjoy, comment and compliment what you like because it melts me (literally). If the latter, then I am here to give you much more than photographs with my pussy. Finding and mostly KEEPING a partner for yourself, as your lifemate, is no easy task. I can teach you how to achieve this goal based on my following experience:

Almost 11 years of practice as a lawyer, mostly in divorce cases.

Over 24 years of practice as loving and supporting wife to my husband (he is my ONLY MAN, I did not know another man other than him!).

Over 21 years of mothering, of which 12 as a dedicated housewife.

Hey! I gave up my career to follow my man as a submissive wife! That’s a hell of an experience!

August, 2012

Changing my lifestyle during pre-menopause, currently in menopause for about 3 years and you can see how I feel and what I’m doing. So I guess I can tell a few things about the complete catastrophe that was inflicted by the synthetic hormones on women’s bodies and minds. First of because I never was on the pill and thus I can talk with a clear analytical and detached mind about this wrecking social and medical phenomenon. A great deal about the angry dragon roaming your kitchen and refusing you all the sex you need (and you are entitled to!) can be answered by following the history of the pill. Do you know which was the safest birth control method that I used? ORAL SEX! I love it and I swallow all of it because it’s healthy and exciting. I can help you teaching your wife how to think and do the same.

Starting on the sexual healing and couple recuperatory path with me can be a long process, or a short one (we can only tell somewhere in the middle of it, but where’s the middle? no one knows precisely). The defining feature of this process is INTIMACY, and this is why I don’t make any distinction between a client and a friend. Because I have to help you as my friend, not just as a client. Your problems have to become “mine” theoretically, so I can fill your shoes and see what you feel, and take it from there with a solution or two. If we get intimate then we are friends. Sure, don’t expect for us to meet in real life. It’s not in my cards. But you can expect all the possible textual and photographic intimacy on the net. No webcams because I don’t want having online sex with my friends. I have sex ONLY with hubby. Oh wait, no! I never had ONLINE sex with him, just real carnal succulent sex. So no, I had no online sex and don’t want any of it.

As you may have noticed by now, I am an old school lady. Flatter me by masturbating on my pictures and then writing me in every detail what it was like. Ask me in all your sincerity and expect that I give my soul to help you help yourself out. Read and enjoy my erotic fiction stories and books. Love me and I’ll love you back.

This, my friend, is the starting point of a real life-lasting marriage — not the paperwork, not the house or money, not the situations or the plannings, but the LOVE. Let’s learn how to love each other.

Doris Dawn,
2012 August 10.

August, 2012

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