eBooks: Sci-fi, Erotica

Along with the main science fiction series of novels, “Naked Beyond Time & Space,” Don and I have decided to write a parallel series, of short stories, all quite erotic (says Don) and crazily science fiction (say I). We’ve dubbed this new series with a hashtag (trendy, eh?): #NudeMinds – which is followed by a number (book number, say the Amazon guys) that looks random (if you think it linear) but it might be not.

So? What’s the point?

The point is that we’re giving out #NudeMinds erotic science fiction short stories FOR FREE.
The only thing is that ‘free’ on Amazon equals 0.99 – good that they don’t have an absolute zero, it could wreck the whole business. Well, if you deeply consider to squander one cent short of a dollar, then click here to rush over to my Amazon author page. If you don’t, then scroll down.

To cut it short, here come our first two #NudeMinds ebooks. Check this page for new additions. Download the PDF’s for free, like a linux distro… 🙂


01. Rebecca Has a Dream #NudeMinds0706


The cover of ‘Rebecca Has a Dream’ #NudeMinds0706 – erotica science fiction short story.

02. Nikola, Sex & Science #NudeMinds2033


The cover of ‘Nikola, Sex & Science’ #NudeMinds2033 – erotica science fiction short story.

03. Wet Socks (Worlds of Memories) #NudeMinds2021


The cover of ‘Wet Socks (Worlds of Memories)’ #NudeMinds2021 – erotica science fiction short story.