Extroverted Erotic Art: Film & Photography

When you go to a fishery you expect to see, and buy, fish. When you go to an electronics store you expect to see, and buy, TVs, DVD players, washing machines, game boxes, whatever multimedia blah-gadgets and toasters. When you go to Walmart (or Tesco, Interspar) you expect to see, and buy, almost everything.

How about the old-fashioned mom and pop grocery stores? Not much in vogue anymore. On our street someone opens a new one this year only to close it the next year. Transnational corporations have a huge hammer in hand (they even call it this way: the hammer price!) to smash the competition with. What are the chances of a mom and pop shop in this commercial war of Titans? Selling exotic fruits, be it in January of July, can’t be competitive for the small shops. But selling the homegrown can! Even at a hammer price, if we’re talking digital fruits.

What’s the FRUIT that we sell here, in our mom and pop shop, then?

The homegrown fruit is our love in all her aspects, and we don’t really sell it because love can’t be sold, just nurtured, shared or wasted to coldness. Love is like a digital good: you can copy it endlessly without destroying the original; you may forget about the original but this won’t make it disappear.

Eve was constructed and given to Adam to be loved and to be made love to. This so simple fact of nature has been complicated with human-invented concepts. Material excuses for egocentric passions have blinded our minds from seeing the naked beauty of loving our other self, which (in most cases) is personified by our women.

You can go to Walmart (or Tesco, Interspar) to chase for an exotic chimera, or for a chain of chimeras. After you have feasted on plastic flesh and opaque fantasies you may still feel the hunger and the thirst tormenting your soul.

You may also enter our mom and pop shop to digitally experience the warm position of a voyeur vantage point over our love story. Ever since 1987 we made our statements by extroverting in writing, photography and film. This is what we sell and share in our shop: digital movies and pictures, lots of blogs and even few ebooks. From the maelstrom drags to the peaceful places of our merrily exhibitionist marriage. All it takes is to never forget, never cut contact, with the Original fountain of love.

Your passion for the Original is your passion for Love. This Passion takes your thirst away like an endless copy/paste drag and drop. Click the mouse into one of our three shops!

1. Daring Doris Hard-core Directory

2. Doris Dawn: Sensual Erotic Goodies

3. Our Private Naked Garden