What about Your Nude Wife?

Natural erotica for married couples, or just lifelong couples.

If you’re looking for rough raw sex and nothing else, then this is NOT the place you want to enter.

If you’re watching porn together with your better half (or at least you’re working on it), if you crave for sentimental sex, loving lust and beautiful passionate porn, then this is a nice site for you.


Beautiful and Unique

What’s beautiful should also be wholly good. And what’s good might also be beautiful. A bicycle is not beautiful just functional, and good for one or two purposes alone. A Volkswagen, even if looking so groovy, is mass produced. This makes it less beautiful because of the zillion other identical Volkswagens roaming the roads, even if the car is good in few more ways than the bike. This –mass production– is what makes us think that industries cannot create complete beauty, just –more or less– useful items or services. So that the porn industry is useful to speed up the masturbation process, but it has less (if any) sentimental value. Even if these products, or services, are attractive and functional (thus good in a way or another), that’s still a long way from natural beauty and uniqueness. And making love to your better half, even romancing about her, is beautiful and unique.

When something is not unique it becomes less beautiful.

The porn industry serves one’s fantasy with images that often go beyond imagination. It matters less WHO is doing WHAT with WHOM.

Uniqueness goes out the door when you watch mainstream porn. You wanna jack off and refresh your balls so you may sleep like a baby. What would be tonight? A redhead, a blonde or the curvy brunette? After years and years of watching industrial porn, I got tired of this impersonal stuff and asked my wife if she wants to pose nude for me so I can jack off while staring at her pictures. Smart as I know her to be, she said okay. Now, after many years of watching naked images featuring her, among others, I would seldom come on anything else than her poses — be it in the real world or in a photo, because she’s a superlative stripper as well.

NudeInGarden.com wants to follow the niche of beautiful porn with a cougar-blend of lifelong lasting love. Testing this particular idea for a sub-niche because I know my bunny ever since 1987 and because she is UNIQUE.

Think that I’m not at all unique. Lots of men out there watch nudity and porn (yes, nudity is not porn). And those who are married, or in a lifelong relationship, would also like to dream together with their loved one, to harness the natural desire with a warm feeling and a fine word, to share their instincts with the person they love, with their own unique bride.

Definitely, more than one bride is posing nude for her groom (all of them should do that, IMHO…). Smart ladies can understand that men are no eunuchs and they HAVE TO ejaculate more often than many women would want or imagine them to.

Nude photography conveniently comes to fill this gap.

But I guess that the ladies have an inner radar — call it intuition if you want — which makes their brains run faster than ours, at least when we stare at them. Historically, they called it charm: she gives you mental blackouts when she walks, when she talks, when she strips in front of your wide opened eyes, when she sucks and fucks YOU… She entangles you with a gesture or two. This is what makes her UNIQUE (besides her DNA, her ID and her gorgeous body).

You may like to read this — The Garden: a Planned Space — for a more in detail resource about noble nudity.

Or you may take your time to read the in depth life details that Doris wrote about herself, or her blogs, when she’s getting a moment of peace from the kids, on HealthySexInMarriage.com about the exquisite ingredients to a healthy and joyful sex life in marriage.

Or you may wanna jump straight to the meat!


Enjoy the freedom!

Don — Doris’ Hubby


5 thoughts on “What about Your Nude Wife?

  1. Is is so good that you are doing this. When you have something beautiful, this time youre body, then you can be proud to share it with other people.


  2. I think that your photo shooting is a great thing to share with Don posing nude helps regulate hormones for you both. Some days you just have to have sex to help that along! A healthy thing!


  3. My hubby and I have enjoyed reading all your material,and we think its very interesting.How long have you been on a pay site?
    We were on a contest site which I won 200.00 dollars, but I am looking for something a little more along these lines.This site seems so natural.
    We also would be looking for a little more income and was wondering if the money is good?
    I really like to pose nude and it feels so natural to me to be free in or outdoors.Well thank you for your time.



    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for visiting my sites, glad that you liked them.
      Hubby has built these three sites for me, two of them being pay sites.
      We launched last August, so not long ago.

      Congratulations for winning the $200, this is really great!

      Now about making an income from a pay site. It works like many other businesses (you’ve gotta make a plan, invest in your own domain, then the web development, then the promotion, let not speak about posing and production — actually posing nude is the shortest and funniest part of the entire business) but it also has its particularities (the traffic is better compared to other online businesses and the work is more pleasant and more rewarding compared to non adult online businesses). However, there’s no magic solution to the “make money fast” mantra (which cannot work on the long run). So if you wish to engage on this road you have to make it seriously, with patience and
      — most of all — enjoying the full support from your hubby. I myself alone on my pay site?? That is impossible! About 90% of the work runs in the backstage and is done by hubby: he masters all this tech mumble jumble and knows a great deal about promoting sites, etc. I’m very lucky having him and I wish you can say the same about yours.

      This said, money are hard to make on a general basis but bit easier than usual through an adult pay site. “Easy money” is magic and not real. You have to know and own the business A-to-Z if you wish to brand yourself and have a lasting growing business, or else you may be just “cannon fodder” for this or that popular site. Sites like WW are
      also essential for promotion, the WW crew is really fantastic and helpful but it’s not YOUR crew. So it all depends on how deep you want to go on with this business.

      Thank you for your feedback.
      Hugs and kisses,


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